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Message posted on 03/02/2020

4S/EASST - Panel 91 - Institutionalization and social appropriation of RRI: A remaining challenge?

Dear all,

With less than one month for the submission deadline´s, I would like to
remind you the opportunity to submit a contribution for this exciting panel
(number 91) that we are organizing at the next 4S/EASST conference at
Prague: “Institutionalization and social appropriation of RRI”.
28th of February)

91. Institutionalization and social appropriation of RRI: A remaining

Raúl Tabarés, Fundación TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION; Vincent Blok,
Wageningen University & Research; Mika Nieminen, VTT Technical Research
Centre of Finland; Robert Braun, Institut für Höhere Studien Vienna

Since 2013, the EC has pushed a devoted strategy to foster the embracement
of RRI across the whole Horizon 2020 FP. This effort has allowed to develop
a generous body of knowledge, experiences and networks around the concept
with the determination to promote a significant change in European R&D.
However, with the conclusion of FP8 and the beginning of FP9 at the
forefront, it´s time to reflect about how RRI has effectively permeated
different institutions across the EU and outside of it. On the one hand,
New HoRRIzon project has shown that the institutionalization of RRI in
research organizations is still a challenge. On the other hand, other
projects (e.g. RRI practice, RIconfigure) have indicated ways forward to
mainstream RRI. That duality demands to explore what are the remaining
challenges towards its full implementation.

In this panel we would like to explore how RRI has been diffused all over
the last 7 years in Europe with the help of questions such as: Which
challenges face RRI throughout the EU territory ? What characteristics
have shaped RRI diffusion? What drivers can lead the RRI paradigm towards
its institutionalization? Which best practices can be shared and
transferred across the continent?

We welcome submissions from different fields of academia (political
science, philosophy, sociology, social psychology, anthropology and STS of
course) that want to share their findings about this timely policy
episode. We also welcome papers from different stakeholders engaged in this
topic such as research funders, policy makers, science communicators and
citizen associations.


open science, stakeholder engagement, ethics, STI policy,
innovation ecosystems

Categories: *Governance and Public Policy

Science Communication/Public Engagement

Knowledge, Theory and Method

Looking forward to your contributions and hope to see you all at Prague!





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