easst constitution

Original Adopted in Budapest, 1994. Amended by the EASST General Meeting in Bielefeld, October 1996. Further amended by the EASST General Meeting in Trento in September 2010.

1. EASST is the abbreviated name of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology.

2. The aim of EASST is to foster within Europe the scholarly study of science and technology including their historical development and their role in society. More specific aims include improving scholarly communication and exchange in the field, increasing the visibility of the subject to policy-makers and to the general public, and stimulating and supporting teaching on the subject at all levels.

3. The activities of EASST include thematic and general meetings, organised visits and exchanges, the publication of newsletters, and any other means towards the above aims.

4. Membership of EASST is open to all who share its aims. Different membership subscriptions may be offered to certain categories of members as determined by the Council. Institutes, scientific societies and other organisations participating in the field are invited to become institutional members of EASST.

5. The activities of EASST are financed from the annual subscriptions of individual members, from revenue arising from events and activities, from the voluntary contributions of institutional members, from gifts, legacies and other donations, and from funds made available by foundations and other organisations for the performance of specific functions consistent with the basic aims of the Association.

6. The affairs of EASST are governed by a Council, consisting of a President, eight regular members and the President-elect subject to clause 7 below.
Members of Council are elected by the individual members of the Association, from among EASST members. One of the regular members will be a student. No member of the Association shall serve as President for more than 8 years consecutively. The Council shall have a quorum of 5 members. The Council may co-opt up to four members without voting power either to undertake specialist tasks or to gain experience of Council before seeking election to full membership. One such co-opted member will be responsible to the Council as Editor of the Association’s Newsletter.

7. Regular members of the Council and the President of EASST shall be elected for four year terms. The President of the Council and Association and the regular members of Council will be elected separately. Elections shall be held by ballot of all members of the Association, on the basis of nominations received around the time of a general meeting of the Association. The ballot will take place within three months of the general meeting at which nominations are received. Regular members of the new council will take office as soon as results are known. A newly elected President will take office within six months after his or her election. During this period the President-elect is a member of the Council and has the rights and obligations of a regular member of the Council as specified in this constitution. The President of the Association remains in function until the President-elect is installed as President.

8. General meetings of the society will take place every two years, normally at the Association’s major conference. Proper and due notice of general meetings will be given to all members. Special general meetings may be called by a resolution of one third of the members delivered to the Secretary of the Association. At the special general meeting, which must follow within two months, a resolution carried by a simple majority can require an immediate fresh ballot to replace the whole membership of the Council.

9. The Council designates one of its members as secretary, and another as treasurer. The duties of officers are as follows:
The President shall have general charge of the affairs of the Association. The President or a member of the Council designated by the President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Council. The president shall be responsible for representing EASST to other organisations unless this power is entrusted to another Council member for a specific purpose.
The Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the Association and the safe keeping of its records. The Secretary shall be responsible for communicating the agenda of Council and general meetings of the Association, and for transmitting reports to such meetings and the associated papers to participants at least 20 days before each meeting. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of Council and general meetings.
The Treasurer shall be responsible for the funds of the Association and for reporting on the financial position to Council and general meetings. A statement of the society’s accounts shall be submitted as required by the Council, and for general meetings 20 days in advance. Other positions may be created and filled at Council’s discretion. Council shall conduct its business by a set of decision rules which will be open to inspection by any member.

10. The provisions of this constitution can be changed at any general meeting by a two thirds majority of those present and voting, provided that at least two months notice of any proposed changes has been given to all members, or by a two-thirds majority of those voting in a ballot of the membership, again providing the requirement for two month’s notice have been met.
Any disputes over interpretation of this constitution shall be resolved under the laws of the country where the Association has its offices and under European Union law as appropriate.

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