Call for nominations – EASST Awards 2024

Deadline 15 January 2024 Since our 2012 conference in Copenhagen, EASST has been celebrating collaboration and cooperation in our field through a set of awards. In 2024 the awards will be presented at the EASST-4S conference in Amsterdam in 15 July 2024. The call for nominations is open until January 2024, for more information and […]

2022 Amsterdamska Award winner: Making & Doing

making and doing book cover

Making & Doing: Activating STS through Knowledge Expression and Travel edited by Gary Lee Downey and Teun Zuiderent-Jerak was awarded the EASST Olga Amsterdamska Award given for significant creative collaborations in an edited book or special issue in the broad field of science and technology studies. Making & Doing calls attention to knowledge expression and […]

2022 Ziman Award winner: Picturing the Invisible

picturing the invisible web screenshot

The public engagement project Picturing the Invisible, organised by European researchers and aimed at engaging European publics (specifically, publics in Germany and the UK), was awarded the EASST John Ziman Award given to significant innovative collaborative activity which promotes public interaction with science and technology. The project (a combination of physical exhibition, online exhibition, events […]

2022 Freeman Award winner: Responsibility Beyond Growth

responsibility beyond growth book cover

Responsibility Beyond Growth – A Case for Responsible Stagnation, by Stevienna de Saille, Fabien Medvecky, Michiel van Oudheusden, Kevin Albertson, Effie Amanatidou, Timothy Birabi and Mario Pansera was awarded the prestigious 2022 EASST Chris Freeman Award given to publications that are making a significant collective contribution to the interaction of science and technology studies with […]

Call for applications

Deadline for this round: 1st November The EASST Fund supports a range of activities such as the organisation of conferences, network meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. These can be either online or in-person or a combination of both. The Autumn call for activities seeking funds from EASST has a deadline of 1st November. For more information […]

EASST Fund supports: Epistemic Dizziness STS Workshop

In an era fraught with dizzying socio-political events and burgeoning ecological catastrophes, the Epistemic Dizziness workshop delved into the concept of epistemic dizziness as a disordered state of whirling vertigo, applying it to the contemporary state of STS. The event took place in September 2023 in Berlin.

Pedro Neto, Ildikó Z. Plájás, Nina Amelung

Pedro F. Neto is an anthropologist and award-winning filmmaker, research fellow at the Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (ICS-ULisboa). He has conducted extensive research in Southern Africa (Angola, Zambia and Mozambique) and West Africa (Senegal and Guinea-Bissau) on topics such as forced displacement, migration, mobility, borders, refugee camps, development and violence. Recent […]