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Message posted on 06/05/2024

Talk: Lara Houston "Planetary Computing and Repair" (Maintenance and Philosophy SIG: Thursday 9th May 1800-1915 UTC+1)

Dear all,

Hope this email finds everyone well. We’d like to announce the next session of the Maintenance and Philosophy of Technology SIG this coming Thursday. In this session we’re very excited to welcome Lara Houston, who’ll be giving a talk which draws connections between her earlier work in maintenance and repair studies to current geopolitical and environmental concerns. If you'd like a link for the talk, please email me at



Planetary Computing and Repair

Lara Houston (Anglia Ruskin University)

Thursday 9th May 2024 (1800-1915 UTC+1)

Abstract: In this talk, I’ll revisit some of my previous work in the sociology of repair, using that to trace a broadening of the repair and maintenance studies field from the situated practices of repair towards experiments with wider conceptions of repair and reparation. I develop some thoughts here about the scales that repair produces, from my own initial interest in repair as a facet of (unevenly) globalised technoogies, to my current concern with planetary problems of environmental degradation. I’m interested in understanding how repair takes shape in these newer evocations of planetary thought and practice.

(In order to avoid confusion regarding the timing of the talks - the following table clarifies when the talks begin in different locations)

Amsterdam 7:00pm London 6:00pm Toronto (New York) 1:00pm San Francisco 10:00am

Remaining Schedule for 2024

June 13th 2024 Reka Gal (University of Toronto) “SpaceX’s Starbase, or Breaking Things on the Rio Grande and Beyond”

August 8th 2024 Mark Thomas Young (University of Bergen) “How the Golden Gate Bridge got its Nets: Maintenance and the Politics of Artifacts" September 12th 2024 Yuriko Saito (Rhode Island School of Design) “The Aesthetics of Care: Practice in Everyday Life”

Mark Thomas Young Associate Professor University of Bergen

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