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Message posted on 07/05/2024

REMINDER Postdoc vacancy > politics of EU sustainable agricultural policies (3 years) at Utrecht University

Dear all,

A brief reminder about this exciting postdoctoral research position on the politics of EU sustainable agriculture and food policies (3 years) at Utrecht University. The deadline is 16 May 2024. STS scholars are welcome to apply!

best, Koen

Postdoctoral researcher in the politics of EU sustainable agricultural and food policies (3 years)

The Department of Sustainable Development is seeking an enthusiastic and research-dedicated postdoctoral researcher in the politics of EU sustainable agricultural and food policies to join our team.

European food systems are highly productive but also face substantial sustainability challenges, including ongoing biodiversity loss, water pollution, and the emission of greenhouse gases. The European Commission has therefore high ambitions regarding food system transformation towards sustainability, as outlined in for instance the Farm to Fork strategy. However, lobby and farmer protests have contributed to a watering down of ambitions. At the same time, it appears to be very hard to increase sustainability objectives in the EU Common Agricultural Policy, which, because of its high budget, has a strong influence on the agricultural sector. The questions you will research are, for example: What explains this lack of policy integration and policy coherence regarding agricultural sustainability? What explains the persistence of this situation, and, moreover, what is needed to break through patterns of policy disintegration and incoherence, in order to effectively address sustainability challenges associated with European food systems?

The tasks will involve:

  • conducting research on European food and agricultural policy and politics;
  • (help) developing interdisciplinary consortia and research proposals;
  • expanding our network of scientists, policy-makers, and stakeholders at EU level and actively engage in societal impact activities;
  • contributing to education (10%) and enhancing the European dimension, especially the level 3 course ‘Transforming Food Systems’ in the Global Sustainability Sciences external link (GSS) Bachelor's programme.

The ideal candidate:

  • holds a PhD degree in (European) agricultural or environmental politics, policy, governance, sustainability transitions, or another relevant social-scientific background and with a strong affinity with sustainable food system governance;
  • has experience with empirical research;
  • is able to work in an interdisciplinary team and to interact with a wide range of stakeholders;
  • has an excellent English proficiency (C1 level);
  • is willing to teach and preferably has some experience.

For more information, see on-the-politics-of-eu-sustainable-agricultural-and-food-policies

Application deadline: 16 May 2024

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