Established in 1981 EASST is the organization which represents academics and researchers in the broad field of science, technology and innovation studies. It brings together a variety of disciplines and many of its members have qualifications in both natural science/engineering and social sciences. Read more about EASST.

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EASST-4S 2024 Amsterdam Conference, 16-19 July

The 2024 quadrennial joint meeting of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) and the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) is hosted by the Athena – Research and Education Institute at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam).

Registration EASST-4S 2024 conference

The Early Bird registration for EASST-4S 2024 is open for just another week! If you are planning to attend, register by May 31 to get the Early Bird rate. Everyone who wishes to attend the conference should register online.

We strongly advise all active participants, meaning everyone with accepted content, to register as soon as possible, as registration is now open to all. We only have limited places available; once the conference is full, we will not be able to register you anymore.

The conference, themed Making & Doing Transformations, will take place from 16 till 19 July in Amsterdam. For more information, visit the conference website.

Questions? Please send an email to the local organizing team via conference(at)

A screenshot from the videoperformance Microbimpro dancing. Author: Oona Leinovirtanen

EASST Review: Volume 42(2) December 2023

Many thanks for all the contributions over the last years: the EASST Review is really made by our STS community and every time I have been positively surprised by the variety of perspectives brought together in our issues. Also in this edition you will find engagend and critical contributions, continuing our reflections on Research Cultures; paying tribute to Evelyn-Fox Keller; presenting groups in Exeter and Helsinki; and discussing workshops that took place in the past year. We are also presenting a preview of the 2024 EASST-4S conference to which we all look forward!

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EASST Awards

Since our 2012 conference in Copenhagen, EASST has been celebrating collaboration and cooperation in our field through a set of awards. In 2024 the awards will be presented at the EASST-4S conference in Amsterdam in July 2024. The winners are announced below.


EASST Fund aims to promote national and cross-national community building within EASST, advance new questions, topics and perspectives in science and technology studies, as well as enable collaboration with non-academic actors publicly engaged in science and technology.

Call for applications

Deadline for this round: 6th May The EASST Fund supports a range of activities such as the organisation of conferences, network meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.

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EASST Fund supports: Ethnographies of Outer Space: Unveiling the hidden social worlds of space exploration, seminar, 2024, Poland

As humanity’s gaze stretches beyond Earth, popular imaginations paint vivid pictures of interstellar travel, cosmic civilizations and extraterrestrial encounters. Yet, have we considered the very concrete social worlds which make such musings about celestial landscapes possible in the first place? This groundbreaking seminar, “Ethnographies of Outer Space: Unveiling the Hidden Social Worlds of Space Exploration,” ventures beyond the realms of rockets and telescopes into the rich territory of the social studies of outer space. This workshop is hosted by the ARIES project at the Jagiellonian University, with additional funding from EASST.

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RUMOS 2024

EASST Fund supports: RUMOS 2024 | “Building bridges in times of crises” – Autumn School & Workshop of the Thematic Section on Knowledge, Science and Technology of the APS, Portugal

With the support of the EASST Fund, RUMOS 2024 entitled “Building bridges in times of crises” takes place between the 18th and 22nd of November 2024 at NOVA FCSH, in Lisbon, Portugal. The event is composed of an autumn school targeting early career scholars and a conference with an open call for papers. RUMOS is a biannual event organized by the Thematic Section on Knowledge, Science and Technology of the Portuguese Sociological Association.

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Creating an Irish Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Community unconference promo image

EASST Fund supports: Creating an Irish Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Community, hybrid unconference 2024, Ireland

With the support of the EASST Fund and the University College Dublin Centre for Digital Policy, we will be holding a day-long hybrid unconference in early summer 2024: Creating an Irish Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Community. This event, the first of its kind to take place in Ireland, will bring together STS researchers while also welcoming scholars from other countries who are interested in the Irish STS context.

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EASST’s international, peer reviewed, online journal Science & Technology Studies has four issues a year. It is fully open access with EASST members being emailed when a new issue is published. To view the latest issue view the journal site.

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