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Message posted on 06/07/2021

Call for Papers for 2022 Special Issue in "New Perspectives on the Sociology of Science and Technology Studies"

/Call for Papers for 2022 Special Issue in "New Perspectives on the Sociology of Science and Technology Studies"/

/Journal of Sociological Perspectives /

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Guest Editors:  Fernando Domínguez Rubio (/University of California, San Diego/) and Juan Pablo Pardo Guerra (/University of California, San Diego/)

This Special Issue aims to map out current “trading zones” (Galison) between sociology and Science and Technology Studies. What can sociology and STS learn from one another today? What are the main dialogues and opportunities of collaboration between them?  And what are the fractures and rifts that have evolved over time and could do with bridges and connections? We are interested in proposals that address these questions by advancing novel, path-breaking, experimental methodologies and theoretical perspectives that can foster new recombinations, exchanges, productive tensions, and collaborations between sociology and STS. We see this Special Issue as an opportunity to think reflexively about the way disciplinary boundaries are drawn at present and could be redrawn in the future between STS and sociology. *


Given the exploratory nature of this Special Issue, we are not limited to any specific topics, methodologies, subfields, or regional interests. The Special Issue will be committed to providing a contemporary panorama of the relationship between sociology and STS that is as wide and diverse as possible. For that reason, we are particularly interested in proposals from scholars outside Euro-American academia, and topics that bring to the fore issues, perspectives, and methods that have been underrepresented in the canons of sociology and STS and their usual loci of development.

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