Message posted on 13/04/2024

Conference "Imaginations of Autonomy" Registration Reminder

This is a quick reminder that registration is open for the conference:

Imaginations of Autonomy – On Humans, AI-Based Weapon Systems and
Responsibility at Machine Speed

22-24 May in Paderborn, Germany (with special-events on 24 May)

Participation in the conference is free of charge. Register here by 29.4.2024:

For more conference info, please head to the website of the project /Meaningful Human Control - //Autonomous Weapon Systems between Regulation and Reflexion/:

For questions feel free to contact the organizing team:

Best regards, Jens

-- Dr. Jens Hälterlein (he/him/his) University Paderborn Department of Media Studies Warburger Straße 100 D- 33098 Paderborn

Tel: +495251603346

Project: Meaningful Human Control. Autonomous Weapon Systems between Regulation and Reflexion (MEHUCO) Twitter: @JensHalterleinälterlein

New publications:

Hälterlein, Jens: Facial Recognition in Law Enforcement. In: C. Borch, and J. P. Pardo-Guerra (eds): The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Machine Learning (online edn, Oxford Academic, 20 Nov. 2023),

Hälterlein, Jens: The use of AI in domestic security practices. In: S. Lindgren (ed): Handbook of Critical Studies of Artificial Intelligence. Edward Elgar Publishing 2023, pp. 763–772.

Hälterlein, Jens: Imagining and Governing Artificial Intelligence – the Ordoliberal Way: An Analysis of the National Strategy ‘AI Made in Germany’, In: AI & Society (forthcoming).

Hälterlein, Jens: Governing autonomies. Imagining responsible AI in the European armament project “Future Combat Air System”. In: T. Bächle / J. Bareis: The Reality of Autonomous Weapon Systems. Bristol University Press 2024 (forthcoming).

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