Message posted on 05/12/2023

Reminder: Call for nominations for the 2024 EASST Awards

Dear Colleagues,

To celebrate collaboration and cooperation in the STS field, EASST is presenting its 2024 Awards at the EASST-4S 2024 conference in Amsterdam. The call for nominations is open and will close on 15 January 2024.

The EASST council hopes to see many good nominations and asks all its members to consider possible candidates for these prizes. (If you wish to join EASST, you can do so here ).

The following three prizes will be awarded:

The Ziman award will be made for a significant innovative collaborative activity to promote public interaction with science and technology. The Amsterdamska award will be made for a significant creative collaboration in an edited book or special issue in the broad field of science and technology studies. The Freeman award will be made for a publication which is a significant collective contribution to the interaction of science and technology studies with other disciplines or areas of study.

The attached document describes the rationale for the awards as well as the process and conditions for nomination. The same information and the link to the nomination form can be found on the EASST Awards website . The winners of the 2022 EASST awards can be found on the EASST website homepage .

For any enquiries, please contact

Best wishes, EASST admin


=================================================== Saskia Lillepuu EASST administrator

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