Message posted on 05/12/2023

18 months contract @Politecnico di Milano on metaverse and social imaginaries

18 months postdoc/research assistant @Politecnico di Milano on the imaginaries of the metaverse

Project title: From Netizens to Metazens. Narratives of virtual worlds and civic engagement on the metaverse. PRIN 2022 - 20229P5J3H-D53D23012780006 (National research grant)

The research project at the Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, investigates from a socio-cultural perspective the narratives and potential civic engagement in virtual and augmented reality worlds based on the Metaverse idea.

Starting from the literature and studies on virtual worlds and digital environments in STS, media studies and sociological studies of imaginaries, the project aims to trace and analyze mainstream narratives and discursive practices that co-construct the Metaverse as a technology and a space of social interaction, analyzing the interpretations and activities of "early users" and platforms in the Italian context.

The researchers will carry out data collection both online and in person in specific settings that will be identified on the Italian territory. Good knowledge of Italian and English is required.

Information about the call, topic, and salary is available at the following link (deadline December 18th): -r-17972

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