Message posted on 06/11/2023

AI & power webinar 9 November

Dear Colleagues

Happy to invite you to the webinar *‘*Power, politics and policy of Artificial Intelligence on Thursday, 9 November 13:00-14:00 GMT.


· Roxana Radu, University of Oxford

· Juan David Gutiérrez, Universidad de los Andes

· Stefan Larsson, Lund University

· Anna Jobin, University of Fribourg


· Inga Ulnicane, University of Birmingham

More information and registration for the webinar here

All welcome!

Dr. Inga Ulnicane

Recent publication highlights:

Politics and policy of Artificial Intelligence

Power and politics in framing bias in Artificial Intelligence policy

Emerging technology for economic competitiveness or societal challenges? Framing purpose in Artificial Intelligence policy

Experimentation, learning, and dialogue: an RRI-inspired approach to dual-use of concern

Against the new space race: global AI competition and cooperation for people &

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