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Message posted on 10/09/2023

Job Opening: Assistant Professor in History of Technology at Technical University Munich (STS Department)

Dear STS colleagues,

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) invites applications for the position of Assistant Professor in »History of Technology« at the level of W2 (Tenure Track). The position is initially limited to 6 years and can be converted into a permanent W3 Associate Professorship after positive tenure evaluation.

The professorship will be part of the Department of Science, Technology and Society (STS) at the TUM School of Social Sciences & Technology (SOT). It will be co-located at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Europe’s largest technical museum and a member of the Leibniz Association, a group of 96 non-university research institutions. The envisioned start date is as soon as possible. Please send your application no later than 25. Oktober 2023 to the Dean of TUM School of Social Sciences & Technology, Prof. Dr. Urs Gasser, via the recruitment portal:

More in formation about the position can be found here: EN: DE:

Please feel free to share widely! Best regards, Sebastian Pfotenhauer

Prof. Dr. Sebastian M. Pfotenhauer Carl von Linde Associate Professor of Innovation Research

Department Head, Department of Science, Technology and Society (STS) TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology

Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship TUM School of Management

Technical University of Munich Augustenstr. 46, Room #456 80333 München, Germany

phone: +49 89.289.29222 email:

Twitter | LinkedIn | ResearchGate | Google Schoolar

Coordinator, BMBF Future Cluster MCube Program Director, M.A. “Responsibility in Science, Engineering, and Technology" (RESET)

Recently published: · Pfotenhauer S.M., Wentland A., Ruge L.“Understanding regional innovation cultures: Narratives, directionality, and conservative innovation in Bavaria.” Research Policy (2023) · Knopf S., Frahm N., Pfotenhauer S.M.“How neurotech startups envision ethical futures: demarcation, deferral, delegation" Science and Engineering Ethics (2023) · Rueß A., Müller R., Pfotenhauer S. “Opportunity or Responsibility? Tracing Co-creation in the European Policy Discourse." Science and Public Policy (2023) · Buocz T., Eisenberger I., Pfotenhauer S.M. “Regulatory sandboxes in the AI Act: reconciling innovation and safety?" Law, Innovation and Technology (2023) · Pfotenhauer S.M., Laurent B., Papageorgiou K., Stilgoe J. "The politics of scaling." Social Studies of Science (2022) · Pfotenhauer S.M., Frahm N., Winickoff D., Benrimoh D., Illes J., Marchant G. "Mobilizing the private sector for responsible innovation in neurotechnology." Nature Biotechnology (2021) · Jasanoff S, Hilgartner S, Hurlbut B, et al. “Comparative Covid Responses: Crisis, Knowledge, Politics (Interim Report).” Schmidt Futures Forum Report, Cornell University and Harvard Kennedy School (2021) · Frahm N.M., Doezema T., Pfotenhauer S.M. “Fixing Technology with Society: The Co-Production of Democratic Deficits and Responsible Innovation at the OECD and the European Commission.“ Science, Technology & Human Values (2021) · Guridi, J.A., Pertuze, J.A, Pfotenhauer S.M. “Natural Laboratories as Policy Instruments for Technological Learning and Institutional Capacity Building: The Case of Chile’s Astronomy Cluster" Research Policy (2020). · Engels, F., Wentland, A., Pfotenhauer S.M. “Testing future societies? Developing a framework for test beds and living labs as instruments of innovation governance,” Research Policy (2019). · Pfotenhauer, S.M., Juhl, J., Aarden, E. “Challenging the ‘Deficit Model' of Innovation: Framing Policy Issues under the Innovation Imperative,” Research Policy (2018). · Pfotenhauer, S.M. and Jasanoff, S. “Panacea or diagnosis? Imaginaries of innovation and the “MIT model” in three political cultures,” Social Studies of Science (2018).

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