Message posted on 28/06/2022

Science & Technology Studies journal is looking for a coordinating editor

Science & Technology Studies journal, the house journal of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) is looking for a coordinating editor from September 2022 onwards.

Science & Technology Studies is published by the Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies (FSSTS). The journal is open access, impact factored, non-commercial, and does not charge author publication fees. The journal publishes four issues per year, one of which is a special issue.

The journal is looking for a coordinating editor for a 4 year term whose role is to run and develop the journal together with the editorial team and the two sponsoring associations (EASST and FSSTS). We seek an editor who will develop the journal in line with its mission as a non-commercial open access journal, as well as with its broad and contemporary approach to science and technology studies. Given the journal's status as the house journal of EASST, the coordinating editor should be based at a European university.

The journal editorial team has representation from the various European STS hubs and a broad base of STS topics. The journal has an editorial team including a screening editor, a coordinating editor, an editorial assistant, a book editor, and editors. The editorial team is organized according to a "flat hierarchy" concerning publication decisions: organization is non-hierarchical and egalitarian and editors have the space to influence the editorial process. All editors in the journal are volunteers, except the editorial assistant appointed to support the coordinating editor.

The key duties of the Coordinating editor are to manage the editorial team and oversee the publication pipeline. S/he acts as a point of contact between the two councils, the OJS publication platform coders, and funders. S/he is responsible for funding applications and annual reports. The coordinating editor also acts as an editor. The coordinating editor appoints the editorial assistant with whom they work closely during the publication process.

The journal has autonomy and academic freedom regarding matters of publication. Management and production of the journal are the responsibility of the Editorial team. The journal reports to the EASST council once per year at the spring meeting and provides a written report to the FSSTS. The Coordinating Editor is a co-opted member of the EASST council and attends the council meetings. The EASST council has a journal representative who acts as a contact person between EASST and the journal. Nominations should be sent to the current coordinating editor salla.sariola (at) by the 31 July

  1. Shortlisted candidates would be interviewed by zoom during August / early September and the post would start mid-September or soon after. A year-long handover with the departing coordinating editor and editorial assistant will be provided.

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