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Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society: Refining Privacy Impact Assessment

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce the following publication (sorry for x-posting):

Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society: Refining Privacy Impact
Assessment. London/New York: Routledge, 2019. ISBN 978-1-138-32353-7

synopsis below, further information:

Feel free to forward this e-mail to other interested persons.

Best regards
Stefan Strauß

This book offers an analysis of privacy impacts resulting from and
reinforced by technology and discusses fundamental risks and challenges
of protecting privacy in the digital age.
Privacy is among the most endangered "species" in our networked society:
personal information is processed for various purposes beyond our
control. Ultimately, this affects the natural interplay between privacy,
personal identity and identification. This book investigates that
interplay from a systemic, socio-technical perspective by combining
research from the social and computer sciences. It sheds light on the
basic functions of privacy, their relation to identity, and how they
alter with digital identification practices. The analysis reveals a
general privacy control dilemma of (digital) identification shaped by
several interrelated socio-political, economic and technical factors.
Uncontrolled increases in the identification modalities inherent to
digital technology reinforce this dilemma and benefit surveillance
practices, thereby complicating the detection of privacy risks and the
creation of appropriate safeguards. Easing this problem requires a novel
approach to privacy impact assessment (PIA), and this book proposes an
alternative PIA framework which, at its core, comprises a basic typology
of (personally and technically) identifiable information. This approach
contributes to the theoretical and practical understanding of privacy
impacts and thus, to the development of more effective protection standards.
This book will be of much interest to students and scholars of critical
security studies, surveillance studies, computer and information
science, science and technology studies, and politics.

Dr. Stefan Strauß
Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA)
Austrian Academy of Sciences
1030 Wien, Apostelgasse 23
Phone: ++43 1 515 81 - 6599
Recently published:
-Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society: Refining Privacy Impact
Assessment. London/New York: Routledge.
-From Big Data to Deep Learning: A Leap Towards Strong AI or
'Intelligentia Obscura'?

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