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April 18, 13:15 - Webinar Anna Nikolaeva, "Politics of non-knowing"

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Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to an upcoming lecture with discussion as part of our International Lecture Series - Planning in Transition: SUSTAINABLE MOBILITIES. Presentation and discussion will also be streamed as a webinar.

Anna Nikolaeva, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) will give a talk titled The politics of non-knowing in just mobility transitions: a case study and research agenda.

WHEN: Thursday, April 18, 13:15 15:00 WHERE: TEMCAS, TEMAHUSET, Campus Valla, Linkping University, Linkping and Online webinar (click here for Zoom link)


Anna will talk about the need to focus on the politics of non-knowing in the context of just transitions towards low-carbon mobility. Drawing on specific cases from four European cities, Anna will explore the epistemic effects of car-centrism and the role of smart technology in these discussions. The lecture will conclude with a proposed research agenda on the politics of non-knowing in just mobility transitions.


Anna Nikolaeva is Assistant Professor in Urban Planning at the University of Amsterdam. She engages with a variety of topics in urban planning and human geography at the intersections of low-carbon and just mobility transitions, gendered mobilities and the politics of knowledge in planning.

You can learn more about the lecture in the poster attached to this e-mail. For more information about the project, past and upcoming lectures see our webpage Lectures are open to everyone interested in the topic. Feel free to forward this announcement to interested students and colleagues.

Best wishes, Harald Rohracher

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