Message posted on 02/02/2023

CfA: Health data and public value in the Nordic countries

                Dear all,

We would like to invite you to join us for our panel on "Health data and
public value in the Nordic countries" at the Nordic STS conference in Oslo
from June

Panel organizers:  Lotte Groth Jensen, Karoliina Snell, Aaro M Tupasela, Heta
Tarkkala, and Heidrun m

We invite empirical and theoretical contributions addressing questions and
topics such as:

  *   How do relations between citizens, Nordic welfare states, and marked
actors change through new 'data logistics' (Tupasela 2023)' in health care?
  *   What and who is driving developments towards a health data economy in
Nordic countries?
  *   What are the similarities and differences among Nordic countries as
regards public values and health data governance?
  *   How does the policy work on a European Health Data Space influence
health data governance in the Nordic countries, and vice versa?
  *   Definitions and conceptualizations of public value and social benefits
of health data in theory and practice
  *   ...

Find more questions and information about the panel here:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: March 1.

Kind regards, Heidrun, Lotte, Karoliina, Heta, and Aaro


Heidrun m

Associate professor

Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU

m, H.; Fryhaug, M.; Tndel, G. (2021) Helsedata som gullgruve? -
forventninger til kommersialisering av helsedata I Norge. Nytt Norsk
Tidsskrift 38 (1-2),

Metzler, I.; m, H. (2022) How the governance of and through digital contact
tracing technologies shapes geographies of power. Policy & Politics;
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