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Message posted on 19/11/2020

Journal of Scientometric Research | IndiaLICS Special Issue is now online

                *Journal of Scientometric Research*
*Volume 9,  Issue 2S,  2020 (Indialics Special Issue)*
*Web: *
*(Scopus & ESCI-indexed Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal)*

*Table of Contents*

   - Editorial | Saradindu Bhaduri, Anup
   Kumar Das, Sujit Bhattacharya
   - Acknowledgement 


   - Publication Trends in the Informal Sector Innovation Research
    | Hemant Kumar
   - Open Science in Addressing Responsible Research and Innovation:
   Evidence from India and other Countries 
   | Anup Kumar Das, Bidyarthi Dutta
   - Bilateral S&T Organisation as an Innovation Intermediary: Case Study
   of Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences 
   | Shilpa, Sujit Bhattacharya
   - Role of Patents in Biosimilar Drug Development and Public Interest
    | Rujitha Thammanath Raveendrashenoy
   - Webliography of Water Technology and Policy Framework in India and the
   World  | Deep Jyoti Francis, Anup Kumar

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