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Message posted on 14/01/2020

vacancy postdoc blockchain and the transformation of food governance at Wageningen University

                Job announcement: Postdoc position at Wageningen University, The Netherlands
<br>Blockchain technology and the digital transformation of food governance
<br>We invite applications for a 3-year research project that investigates how
<br>(1) enables alternative schemes for governing sustainable and safe food supply
<br>chains and
<br>(2) challenges and transforms EU food governance.
<br>From a sociological perspective, the project examines the automation and
<br>privatisation of governance practices implied in alternative schemes, many of
<br>which are in the development pipeline. From a legal perspective, the project
<br>analyses where blockchain could be used to implement EU food law or by private
<br>actors to make food-related sustainability claims and what other legal
<br>requirements apply (e.g. data protection, competition law). From a
<br>transdisciplinary angle, the project will evaluate how the use of blockchain
<br>reconfigures accountability and relations of trust, takes away enforcement
<br>responsibility from Member States and enables fully autonomous private
<br>regulatory regimes.
<br>    -PhD in a social science discipline that is relevant to the topic
<br>    -Position for 3 years
<br>For more information please contact Prof. Josephine van Zeben
<br>( or Prof. Simon
<br>Bush ( .
<br>The position is part of a larger call for 15-postdocs of Wageningen
<br>University's Social Sciences department. More information on how to apply can
<br>be found here:
<br>es.htm. The deadline for applications is 20 January.
<br>Kind regards,
<br>Sanneke Kloppenburg
<br>Assistant professor I Wageningen University I Environmental Policy Group I E:
<br> I P: + 31 (0)6
<br>1432 3683/+ 31 (0)6 4840 4584 I W: /
<br>Hollandseweg 1 I 6706 KN Wageningen I The Netherlands I room 2021
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