EASST Review: Volume 33 (1) March 2014


About Time

About Time Editorial by Ann Rudinow Saetnan This issue of the EASST Review will, in various ways, be about time. Let’s start with the Review itself. It’s time for a new editor to take over. I have been editor now for about 7 years. I am gradually easing my way into retirement, both at my “day job” and (a bit sooner) as editor, hoping to spend more of my time on research, travel, and hobbies. Not that editing the Review takes all that much time. It takes me about 3 days every third month, and some of that time could

Nordic STS – making ourselves relevant?

Nordic STS – making ourselves relevant? by Henrik Karlstrøm & Terje Finstad (Department for Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) In