EASST Review: Volume 32(3) September 2013


Are You Paranoid Yet?

Are You Paranoid Yet? Editorial by Ann Rudinow Saetnan How are you feeling after Chelsea Manning’s conviction, Edward Snowden’s revelations and exile, David Miranda’s questioning at the UK border, the confiscation of David House’s electronic devices at the US border? (Not heard of that last one? Here’s a link: www.nytimes.com/2013/09/10/business/the-border-is-a-back-door-for-us-device-searches.html?smid=fb-share) With these four stories high up in the news avalanche and many more like them hidden below, are you feeling paranoid yet? Angered? Resigned? Disciplined? Defiant? Chilled? Have you changed your internet usage? Do you travel without electronic devices now? Do you sweep your devices before travelling? Have you stopped

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