EASST Conference Call 2018

by EASST Council

The next EASST-only conference will take place in 2018. Council is interested in hearing from any group who would be interested in hosting this conference.
On the basis of recent evidence the conference is likely to involve between 600 and 800 participants. Conferences are usually organised by a local organising committee supported by a wider programme committee and the EASST Council. EASST is in the process of developing its administrative systems and may be able to provide more support in this regard than it has been able to do in the past.

EASST Council would particularly welcome expressions of interest from a location, or an approach to organising, that will be likely to further develop participation from those coming from parts of Europe currently under-represented within EASST (this particularly applies to Southern and Eastern Europe).
A successful conference requires a strong local organisation. Traditionally conferences have been organised from one academic organisation. However Council would also be interested in receiving proposals from groups who could achieve this strength via a different kind of network – say those within different institutions in the same location or as a partnership between institutions in different locations.

Conferences work well when they provide good opportunities for informal interaction as well as the more formal parts of the programme. This can be achieved in a small compact location but EASST has also had successful conferences in large cities. Council would be interested in hearing how organisers would achieve this objective in their proposed location. EASST’s preference is for a conference held in an academic location, organised by STS scholars keen to give the event a local character in terms of a theme and activities. The location and the approach to organising the conference needs to provide a range of accommodation which is affordable for participants in different circumstances and makes possible an overall conference fee that will allow wide participation.

Expressions of interest should include an outline budget and give an indication of available dates. It is difficult to find a date that suits teaching periods in all countries but early July or September seem to be most acceptable.

Council is happy to answer any further questions from interested parties and would expect to have further informal discussions before reaching a firm decision. Please send any proposals to easst(at)univie.ac.at by 1st April 2016.