4S/EASST CONFERENCE BARCELONA – 2016: Science and Technology by Other Means


4SEASST Conference


4S and EASST are now inviting proposals for tracks at its 2016 Joint Meeting, August 31-September 3 in Barcelona. The selected tracks will later be included as part of the formal call for papers. There are no predetermined topics for the tracks but we encourage applicants submitting tracks to engage with the general theme of the conference: „Science and technology by other means: Exploring collectives, spaces and futures”. It refers to the opportunity for both 4S and EASST scholars to meet, share and discuss together how science and technology are increasingly performed, shaped and developed ‘by other means’: in a variety of exploratory activities that include the articulation of collectives that do not fit with the traditional actors and institutions in science and technology, or in ways that problematize the established hegemonies involved in the production of knowledge and technologies.

The purpose of this call for tracks is to stimulate the formation of new networks around topics of interest to the 4S/EASST community. Like any meeting session, a ‘track’ is comprised by one or more paper sessions with a theme and a responsible chairperson(s). The difference is that it is not submitted already filled up with papers. Rather, track themes are subsequently included in the call for papers, and authors nominate their paper for one or more tracks. A track may extend across up to 4 sessions of five papers each (i.e. a total of maximum 20 papers). Proposers of tracks commit to work closely with the program chairs to achieve the final composition of their tracks, and they must be prepared to chair or suggest colleagues who are willing to do so.

4S and EASST boards, however, are open to different types of sessions: traditional ones with standard papers, practitioners’ workshops, open debates concentrated upon specific topics. We therefore encourage the proposal of alternative formats, which may not consist of up-front power-point presentations but instead engage new ways and new media for presenting, sharing, producing and disseminating research projects and outcomes.

Papers and contributions will be invited in International English, as it is most frequently used as a vehicular language of science. However, conversation and debates in other languages will be welcomed too.

To learn more about the conference please go to the conference website at www.sts2016bcn.org/. You can email any enquiries to sts2016bcn(at)gmail.com.

You can propose a track online via the website. You will need to enter your name and other details, a session title, and a short (maximum 300 characters) description of the track theme and of the format selected (especially when the presentation style is imaginative and may require special equipment). We also require an extended abstract of up to 250 words. Please try to be clear and concise, to stimulate the broad participation of colleagues.

New Deadline for submissions: 26 October 2015
Communication of accepted and rejected tracks: 13 November 2015
For other key dates please see the website.