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Message posted on 13/06/2021

Reminder postdoc position deadline June 18 for Understanding Responsibility in Ecosystems of Technical Universities

Dear all,

Please find here below a reminder for the postdoctoral research position on collective responsibility.

Understanding Responsibility in Ecosystems of Technical Universities (deadline 18/06/2021) in-ecosystems-of-technical-universitiesquot-879170.html

Job description

You will study how responsibility plays out in the ecosystems of Technical Universities, and how interventions about responsibility and normative evaluation can be understood through applying and developing system-philosophical theories.

Your conceptual research will have strong connection with empirical research and actual interventions. You will comparatively analyse how responsibility can be understood in the current dynamic of eco-systems of the different technical universities involved in this project. You will propose interventions to the universities to improve the support to challenge-based, co-creative education (e.g., how to optimize building long-term partnerships with stakeholders including citizens with specific requests, companies, and students). You will analyse the outcomes of these interventions, with a focus on the responsibility of students, teachers, university management and other stakeholders in the university eco-system.

Parallel with the research, you will engage in challenge-based education yourself. The experiences gained here are relevant input for the research project. The percentage of contract time spent on these educational activities is expected to be around 25%.

Overall project

The philosophy postdoctoral research project is part of the BoostEuroTeQ Project, which is itself part of a larger Erasmus+ project. The Erasmus+ EuroTeQ project unites leading universities of science and technology across Europe in setting-up innovative education aiming to increase responsibility attitudes for students, staff and management, but also to strengthen the responsible value co-creation in their ecosystems. To achieve this goal, the educational innovation must go beyond course and curriculum innovations, and should also focus on university organisational and even eco-system development. The BoostEuroTeQ project is an add-on research project to the EuroTeQ, and it is here where you would come in. You will work with Gunter Bombaerts and Isabelle Reymen at TU Eindhoven and collaborate with the other EuroTeQ universities.

Job requirements

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher able to perform the above tasks. We consider the following competencies and/or requirements as relevant.

  • Strong interest in fundamental philosophical questions of (eco-)systems and debates about individual and collective responsibility.
  • PhD in philosophy or applied ethics; candidates with other relevant background (e.g. sociology) are also welcomed to apply, provided their interests and abilities match the focus of the project.
  • Strong affinity with empirical research Keen on doing comparative qualitative research and interventions that lead to conceptual insights.
  • Strong interest in innovative education (like challenge-based learning).
  • Ability to sensitively interact with institutional changes.
  • Proven ability to teach in higher education, and strong motivation to participate in challenge-based learning courses.
  • Proven ability to conduct high-quality academic research, demonstrated by relevant publication(s).
  • Excellent mastering of the English language and good communication skills. Note that there is no Dutch language requirement.

Conditions of employment

  • A full-time employment for 3 years. Expected start September 1st, 2021.
  • A meaningful job in a dynamic university and an ambitious European network of technical universities. Possibility to present your work in the vibrant dynamic of the project and at international conferences.
  • You will have free access to high-quality training programs for research and valorisation, professional development courses for PhD students, and didactical courses of the TEACH training program.
  • A gross monthly salary between 3,353 and 4,402 and benefits in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities.
  • A broad package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical infrastructure, moving expenses, and savings schemes).
  • Family-friendly initiatives are in place, such as an international spouse program, and excellent on-campus children day care and sports facilities.

From: Bombaerts, Gunter Sent: Friday, May 7, 2021 6:09 PM To: Subject: 2 postdoctoral research positions on collective responsibility (TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands)

Dear all,

Please find here below two postdoctoral research positions on collective responsibility.

Understanding Responsibility in Ecosystems of Technical Universities (deadline 18/06/2021) in-ecosystems-of-technical-universitiesquot-879170.html

System Philosophy and Responsibility (deadline 15/05/2021) ophy-and-responsibility%E2%80%9D-875404.html

Best, Gunter Bombaerts

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