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Message posted on 13/05/2021

3 jobs opening @Spiral, ULiège (BE)

Dear colleagues,

As part of the ERC-funded project “The Body Societal: Unfolding Genomics Infrastructure in Cattle Livestock Selection and Reproduction” (The BoS), the University of Liège, seeks to provide 3 positions: 2 PhD candidates (4 yrs full-time) and 1 post-doc (3 yrs full-time).

The team is intended to start by next October, 1st, 2021. Deadline for applications: Thursday June, 3rd, 2021.

The BoS project will develop a strongly collective research endeavor, in a nurturing and lively research environment (within the research unit Cité , the very dynamic and interdisciplinary Spiral research team ).

Enjoy our homemade teaser !

To apply and to learn more about the project: .

As this message is expected to circulate widely, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you simply are interested in the research and would like to share your own. I am of course available for any question or information.

With best regards,

François Thoreau

Research Professor

ERC Starting Grant - Project « The BoS » (PI)

ARC (ULiège) - MED-HEPP (Partner)

Publications +32494593169

Place des Orateurs 3, bte 8 B-4000 LIEGE

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