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Message posted on 20/10/2020

CfP: Science as Culture Forum on "Big Tech"


Dear all,

I thought you might be interested in the attached call for papers. It's for a Forum on "Big Tech" in Science as Culture. These Forums are meant to be a faster form of special issue on current topics; they involve shorter papers refereed by the journal editors rather than peer reviewers. Full papers are welcome too, but they would have to go through the normal review process.

Here's an example of a previous Forum I edited on "Techno-Economic Assumptions":

The point of this Forum is to turn an STS lens onto Big Tech. It's primarily motivated by an interest in trying to analyse the techno-economic dominance of Big Tech and the backlash this has engendered. For more, see the attached CfP.

Please forward to anyone you think might be find it of interest.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to email me.

Thanks! Kean

Kean Birch

Graduate Program Director, Science & Technology Studies Program

Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

Co-Editor, Science as Culture

Series Editor, Technoscience & Society Book Series, University of Toronto Press

Editorial Board Member, Science, Technology, & Human Values

Editorial Board Member, Social Epistemology

Twitter | Website

Tel.: (+1) 416-736-2100, ext. 30126

Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change | York University 4700 Keele Street Toronto ON, Canada M3J 1P3


Birch, K. (2020) Automated neoliberalism? The digital organization of markets in technoscientific capitalism, New Formations 100-101: 10-27 [Open Access].

Birch, K., Chiappetta, M. & Artyushina, A. (2020) The problem of innovation in technoscientific capitalism: data rentiership and the policy implications of turning personal digital data into a private asset, Policy Studies 41(5): 468-487 [Open Access].

Birch, K. (2020) Technoscience Rent: Toward a Theory of Rentiership for Technoscientific Capitalism, Science, Technology and Human Values 45(1): 3-33 [Open Access].


Birch, K. & Muniesa, F. (eds) (2020) Assetization: Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism, MIT Press [Open Access].

Birch, K. (2019) Neoliberal Bio-economies? The Co-construction of Markets & Natures, Palgrave Macmillan.

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