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Message posted on 08/09/2020

Podcast of "Hacker Cultures" panel at 4S/EASST 2020 out now 🎧

Dear everyone

We are delighted and proud to bring you our 4S/EASST 2020 panel Hacker Cultures: Understanding the actors behind our software as a podcast we produced with the panelists. The panel consisted of nine papers of awesome research, each now a 15~20 minute interview-style episode for your enlightenment and inspiration 🙂

You'll find the Hacker Cultures podcast on the internet at (RSS at, and on Spotify and iTunes 🔍. The episodes are

Episode 1: Morgan G. Ames - Throwback Culture: The Role of Nostalgia in Hacker Worlds
Episode 2: Minna Saariketo & Mareike Glöss - In the grey zone of hacking? Two cases in the political economy of software and the Right to Repair
Episode 3: Annika Richterich - Forget about the learning: On (digital) creativity and expertise in hacker-/makerspaces
Episode 4: Alex Dean Cybulski - Hacker Culture Is Everything You Don't Get Paid For In the Information Security Industry
Episode 5: Jérémy Grosman - Algorithmic Objects, Algorithmic Practices
Episode 6: Stéphane Couture - Hacker Culture and Practices in the Development of Internet Protocols
Episode 7: Ola Michalec - Hacking infrastructures: understanding capabilities of Operational Technology (OT) security workers
Episode 8: Sylvain Besençon - Securing by hacking: maintenance regimes around an end-to-end encryption standard
* Episode 9: R. Stuart Geiger & Dorothy Howard - “I didn’t sign up for this”: The Invisible Work of Maintaining Free/Open-Source Software Communities

You'll find more info on each episode in the podcast description.

We hope you enjoy listening to the Hacker Cultures podcast 🎧, and please feel free to pass it on to students, colleagues etc. It is out on the open internet for free for anyone. Feedback is of course more than welcome, and please don't hesitate to reach out to the panelists about their work!

Big thanks go to our panelists for being onboard this production, our audio producer Heights Beats, University of St. Gallen for funding, plus to the 4S/EASST 2020 conference team for making the conference happen in virPrague.


Mace Ojala (IT University of Copenhagen) & Paula Bialski (University of St. Gallen)
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