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Message posted on 09/07/2020

SHI CfP of interest to STS colleagues

Hi all,

Apologies to those who've received this via other mailing lists.

Ros Williams and I are co-editing the next Sociology of Health and Illness
monograph. The SHI monograph is both an online special issue (published
'online first' so no wait for physical publication) then printed as an edited
book. You can read more about the SHI monographs
here. We welcome involvement from STS colleagues.

The full CfP is attached, but below is its focus:

Complicity: Methodologies of power, politics, and the ethics of knowledge
Global inequalities, colonial legacies, and the innumerable power imbalances
striating the social world have never been more pertinent to social studies of
health and illness. It is thus vital to interrogate how exactly we research
these issues, as well as the ethics and politics of knowledge production
relating to them. We ask, what problematic and productive complicities might
we as researchers engage in as we endeavour to produce this knowledge? We
understand complicity as a broad, explorative term for thinking through the
methodological politics of contemporary sociological research into health and

If anybody has any interest in contributing, please do submit an abstract, or
get in touch if any questions. We'd appreciate you forwarding this to any
other interested people too, or any of your PhD students who may be nearing a
position to publish in a relevant area and be interested in the opportunity.

About the journal and monograph series

Sociology of Health and Illness is a world leading journal for the medical
sociology community (Impact factor 2.2; 30/148 in Sociology). Now in its 28th
edition, The SHI Monograph Series has been publishing leading collections for
several decades. Previous collections have been published in paperback and
have been reasonably priced by Wiley-Blackwell. The collection will also be
published as a special edition of the journal. Both Jisc and UK funders state
it is compliant with Plan S.

Best wishes,

Greg and Ros

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