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Message posted on 02/07/2020

Call for papers: Retrofitting at Scale: Accelerating Capabilities



Deadline for abstracts: 13 July 2020

This is a reminder that the closing date for abstracts is rapidly approaching.

This Buildings & Cities special issue investigates the specific challenges for the accelerated delivery of domestic energy retrofitting at different scales – national, municipal, neighbourhood and individual sites.

Although much discussion has occurred on #buildbackbetter, two key questions are the development of appropriate capabilities and how these can be scaled up / accelerated / coordinated with confidence.

Topics for the special issue may include (but are not limited to):

• Translating national and city level goals into clear targets for retrofit of the domestic building stock
• The governance and regulation of retrofit: legislation, regulation, enforcement, incentives
• Planning and coordination perspectives: what new roles for planners, building control and assessment professions?
• Policy analysis of municipal actions / programmes on building retrofits and their intended outcomes.
• Top-down vs bottom-up approaches; incentives for participating in mass retrofit programmes
• The inclusion of embodied energy / carbon in the total calculation
• Training, skills and certification of schemes for construction professionals and individual projects
• What capabilities and capacities do firms (SMEs and micro-enterprises) require to undertake retrofit?
• Supply chains for retrofit: coordination and management of domestic retrofit at scale
• Logistics and construction management: the potential for reducing unit cost of retrofit and increasing quality
• The business case (e.g. financial model) for retrofit and new business models for both private and public sectors
• Contractual: performance-related outcomes, consumer protection, service-related pricing, performance guarantees
• Mass vs individual retrofit for housing: technologies for retrofit at scale (e.g. Energiesprong, off-site, incremental, etc)
• Public engagement/ persuasion: appropriate forms of engagement and empowerment; provision of reliable, independent information for tenants and homeowners
• Energy behaviours: how retrofit affects demand; load shifting; new definitions of thermal adequacy, space shrinkage
• Coordinating demand reduction with changing energy supply: reducing peak demand, increasing flexibility, and ‘fair usage’
• The development of appropriate standards and retrofit processes for the particular contexts of developing countries

Full details:

Buildings & Cities is an open access, independent, non-profit, peer-reviewed journal.

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Dr Faye Wade
Deputy Theme Leader and Research Fellow – UK Local and Regional Energy Systems. UKERC
Associate Editor at Buildings & Cities
Heat and the City team | Sociology | University of Edinburgh
The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.
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