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Message posted on 08/05/2019

New open access e-Journal ROADSIDES

We are very happy to announce the publication of the first issue of the new
e-journal ROADSIDES devoted to exploring the social life of infrastructure

The first issue, titled INFRASTRUCTURAL TIMES, advances an argument that
infrastructure is inherently lively and fragile because it is always a complex
web of multiple temporalities. The texts in this collection show a few
examples of the variety of temporalities that make and unmake infrastructure
in the Canadian Arctic, in Tajikistan, in India, at the eastern borders of the
European Union, in Switzerland and in England. Focusing explicitly on those
temporalities should provide food for thought in terms of rethinking
infrastructure as an asynchronic timescape (Adam 1998).

All individual articles of Roadsides are available open access to read online
as well as for download in PDF form. The first issue is available for
e-viewing and download here:

The Editorial Team

Julie Chu (University of Chicago)
Tina Harris (University of Amsterdam)
Agnieszka Joniak-Lüthi (University of Zurich)
Madlen Kobi (Academy of Architecture, Mendrisio)
Galen Murton (LMU Munich and James Madison University, Harrisonburg)
Nadine Plachta (Heidelberg University’s South Asia Institute, Kathmandu
Matthäus Rest (Max-Planck-Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena)
Alessandro Rippa (CU Boulder)
Martin Saxer (LMU Munich)
Christina Schwenkel (University of California, Riverside)
Max Woodworth (The Ohio State University)
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