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Message posted on 01/02/2019

Job announcement: Social science researcher sustainable radwaste governance - SCK-CEN

The Nuclear Science and Technology Studies research group (NST) at the Belgian
Nuclear Research Centre SCK-CEN is hiring a new social scientist or humanities
researcher. This is an excellent opportunity to become part of a
multidisciplinary team with unique expertise. We play a leading role in
several national and international research projects that address social and
ethical aspects of nuclear technologies with the aim of improving the
governance of ionizing radiation risks.

Your work will consist of:

Developing knowledge and research on social and ethical implications of
radioactive waste governance, sustainability issues, and decommissioning.
Supporting NST colleagues with on-going research related to radiological
protection, advanced nuclear technologies and decommissioning; and the
coordination of social sciences and humanities in ionizing radiation
Reaching out to, and collaborating with, different stakeholders in and
outside of SCKCEN, including civil society organizations, decision makers,
and members of Belgian and European research platforms.
Writing competitive research proposals and applying for national and
international research funding.
Widely disseminating research to scientific and broader audiences,
organizing national and international workshops and conferences, and
initiating education and training activities on radioactive waste governance
and related issues.

Required qualifications

You have a Master or PhD in Social Sciences or Humanities (for example,
science and technology studies, sociology, history, economics, media studies,
You have a track record of scientific publications.
You have strong interest and/or expertise in radioactive waste
governance and participatory processes.
You have experience with qualitative social science research methods.
You have strong organizational and networking skills.
You are a team player and eager to work in a multi- and
transdisciplinary environment.
You have good communication and reporting skills (oral and written)
Knowledge and expertise with sustainability theories and practices is a
Knowledge of quantitative and mixed methods is a plus.
* Knowledge of English, at least a working knowledge of French and Dutch.

Apply here:
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