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Message posted on 13/02/2018

Reminder: CfP EASST 2018: Sensing Security. Sensors and the Making of Transnational Security Infrastructures

Reminder:we are pleased to invite contributions to our panel "Sensing
Security. Sensors and the Making of Transnational Security
at the EASST conference in Lancaster, 25th-28th July

Panel description:

The interplay of sensing and (algorithmic) sense-making marks an
important, yet underexplored momentum in the social construction of
security in increasingly digital societies. Sensory devices are not only
producing multiple ontologies but also produce and mediate "macro-level"
entities through information infrastructures in the making (Bowker 2017;
Mukerji, 2011). In our session we want to explore the role of sensors
and data infrastructures in the construction and interpretation of
changing local and global socio-technical environments in recent
discussions in science and technology studies, critical security and
critical data studies. We call for contributions exploring how sensing
devices - from satellites and drones to environmental sensor networks
and digital sensing infrastructures - become invested with global and
socio-political significance. We seek both large-scale empirical
accounts of historical and contemporary cases across the globe, and
welcome papers that critically investigate sensors and sensory networks
as situated security practices of infrastructure making. In the our
panel we want to explore topics such as, but not limited to:

'Infrastructural inversions' (Bowker & Star, 2000) of sensors
infrastructures as objects of international political controversy.
Smart borders or body scanners as means to control migration flows.
Novel forms of (criminological) knowledge through predictive analytics.
The connection between electronic devices - and their leftovers - to
human rights violations, conflict and exclusion and a possible
responsible governance framework.
How do sensors shape, shift and constitute domains of national and
international security and policy-making?
The role of sensor infrastructures in the constitution and mediation
between state and non-state actors.

Convenors: Nina Witjes & Nikolaus Pöchhacker, Munich Center for
Technology in Society, Technical University of Munich

Deadline: February
*_14th, 2018_

Please submit abstracts of max. 250 words here:

Online version of this call can be found here:

Details about the conference:

For more information & contact:

Nina Witjes,
Nikolaus Pöchhacker,

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Nina & Nikolaus
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