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Message posted on 11/12/2019

Call for Book Proposals: Critical Digital and Social Media Studies Series, edited by Christian Fuchs

                Call for Book Proposals: Critical Digital and Social Media Studies,
<br>University of Westminster Press Book Series
<br>Edited By Christian Fuchs
<br>Details and submission:
<br>Submission deadline: Monday 20 January 2020 23:59 BST
<br>My book series is looking to publish a number of new titles. The books 
<br>are published as affordable paperbacks and in digital versions open 
<br>access. Publishing is free of charge to authors. The digital versions 
<br>are free of charge to readers.
<br>An overview of titles published thus far is available here:
<br>There is a preference for the submission of proposals for books whose 
<br>writing can be finished and that can be submitted to UWP within the next 
<br>6-15 months. Any prior queries may be sent by e-mail to Andrew Lockett 
<br>(University of Westminster Press Manager) A.Lockett [A//T//] 
<br> Submissions will no longer be accepted by email. All 
<br>proposals for consideration have to be presented via
<br>The open access book series “Critical Digital and Social Media Studies” 
<br>publishes books that critically study the role of the Internet, digital 
<br>and social media in society and make critical interventions. Titles 
<br>analyse how power structures, digital capitalism, ideology and social 
<br>struggles shape and are shaped by digital and social media. They use and 
<br>develop critical theory discussing the political relevance and 
<br>implications of studied topics. The series is a theoretical forum for 
<br>Internet and social media research for books using methods and theories 
<br>that challenge digital positivism. It also seeks to explore digital 
<br>media ethics grounded in critical social theories and philosophy. The 
<br>book series’ understanding of critical theory and critique is grounded 
<br>in approaches such as critical political economy and Frankfurt School 
<br>critical theory.
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