Message posted on 24/08/2023

Invitation: 13th BOAP Colloquium - with Anne Helmond & Fernando van der Vlist

What: 13th BOAP Colloquium - with Anne Helmond & Fernando van der Vlist When: September 11th, 4 pm (CEST) Zoom: Zoom PW: 099802 *Full invitation & recordings:

Dear colleagues, We invite you to join the Biographies of Artifacts and Practices (BOAP) Colloquium. Based on a collaboration between researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Aalto University and the Technical University of Berlin, this bimonthly colloquium provides an open platform for an international network of researchers interested in BOAP and related methodological and analytical approaches. Its main goal is to contribute to strengthening the robustness of research designs in STS and the sociology of technology and innovation. Each event features the presentation and discussion of one research project that traces the biographies of complex sociotechnical systems across multiple sites and extended time frames, often linking multiple studies and scales of analysis.

The colloquium will take place online on September 11th, 4 pm (CEST). It will feature a talk by Anne Helmond (Utrecht University) and Fernando van der Vlist (University of Amsterdam). The speakers will discuss the use of web archives and software repositories as resources for analyzing the biographies of continuously changing digital technologies and systems, drawing on several case studies.

For more information on the colloquium, please refer to the full invitation:

If you are interested in the activities of the research network, or would like to present at the colloquium, get in touch at


David Seibt (er/ihm/sein - he/him/his) Postdoc

Technische Universität Berlin Institute of Sociology Chair of the Sociology of Technology and Innovation

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