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Message posted on 09/11/2022

FW: Postdoc Circular & Re-Use Solar Panels in the City of Amsterdam

Dear members of EASST mailing list,

Please, find our vacancy for a Postdoc Circular & Re-Use Solar Panels in the City of Amsterdam below, which was only distributed at the WTMC mailing list, but now the deadline is approaching I'm glad to send it around to the EAST mailing list too.

The postdoc will work on policy instruments, user practices, customer journeys, niche and learning evaluation for re-use of solar panels in the city of Amsterdam and will work under my supervision. We are looking for a candidate with either an interdisciplinary background or an innovation studies or STS background. Application deadline is 12 November and the ambition is to hire the candidate as soon as possible. More details below and through the link bId=9078

Jaco Quist

Postdoc Circular & Re-Use Solar Panels in the City of Amsterdam Apply Now To explore the potential of re-use of solar panels the Municipality of Amsterdam has approved a project coordinated by Amsterdam Metropolitan Institute for Sustainable Solutions. Job description The growth of solar panel installations in Amsterdam is remarkable but also implies considerable challenges. It is expected that solar panel e-waste will increase later in this decade, mainly from the first generation of installed solar panels that will reach the end of their lifetime. In addition, e-waste will also be caused by the replacement of relatively new solar panels. To explore the potential of re-use of solar panels the Municipality of Amsterdam has approved a project coordinated by Amsterdam Metropolitan Institute for Sustainable Solutions (AMS) to study opportunities, conditions and constraints of re-using of solar panels, which combines a research part with practical implementation activities by project partners from practice. The research part will be conducted by a postdoc who will partly work the ESS department of faculty of TPM in Delft and partly at the AMS institute in Amsterdam. The hired postdoc will contribute to the PV re-use project by (i) looking into the state of the literature, (ii) identifying promising policy instruments and governance options, (iii) and by developing product-service concepts, business cases and options how re-use can be organised, to assess potential locations in Amsterdam, and to identify relevant cases and developments elsewhere in the Netherlands. It may include assessing how re-use may influence the environmental impact and user acceptance research, and a plan how replication to other locations in the Netherlands can take place. 15-20% of the position will be dedicated to (support on) teaching on sustainable innovations and transitions, supervision of relevant master thesis projects, and (contributing to) developing research proposals for the Circularity Lab at the department. This research part consists of a 10 months postdoctoral research position at the faculty of Technology, Policy, Management of TU Delft at the section of Energy of Industry in the Department of Engineering Services and Services, preferably starting at December 1, 2022, or as soon as possible after December 1. The postdoc will conduct the following activities:

  • review the current state in the literature
  • identify promising policy instruments and governance options how re-use can be organised
  • develop product-service concepts, business cases, to evaluate cases and developments elsewhere in the Netherlands and internationally
  • develop customer journeys, to conduct user acceptance research, and to evaluate the project and its learnings
  • supervise relevant student thesis projects relevant to the re-use project
  • develop plans for follow-up research and turn results into (i) project deliverables for the municipality and (ii) scientific papers
  • contribute to teaching on sustainable innovation and transitions, possibly to the development of a new advanced course on sustainable innovation and transitions, and to support the development of research proposals for the Circularity Lab at the ESS department. This is an interesting opportunity for researchers who have nearly or recently finished a PhD in innovation or transition studies and have an interest and expertise on sustainable innovation, transitions and Circular Economy. Requirements

  • A (nearly) completed PhD relevant for the position in a relevant interdisciplinary field like Transition and Innovation Studies, Industrial Design, Sustainability Studies, Energy Science, System Engineering, Industrial Ecology, Governance & Policy Analysis, Environmental Studies or another relevant PhD qualification, or several years of experience as a junior or applied researcher;
  • Experience with working interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary;
  • Available at or before December 1, or asap afterwards;
  • Willingness to conduct field work in Amsterdam and to collaborate with partners in the project;
  • Understanding and speaking Dutch is considered as an advantage;
  • Excellent skills in writing and speaking English.

Recent papers Setyowati, A, Quist, J (2022) Contested transition? Exploring the politics and process of regional energy planning in Indonesia, Energy Policy 165, 112980, T vd Voorn, C vd Berg, J Quist, K Kok (2022) Making waves in resilience: Drawing lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for advancing sustainable development - ScienceDirect, Current Research in Environmental Sustainability 4, 100171 J Langer et al, (2022) How offshore wind could become economically attractive in low-resource regions like Indonesia (, I-Sciece, 104945, J Langer, C Infante Ferreira, J Quist (2022) Is bigger always better? Designing economically feasible ocean thermal energy conversion systems using spatiotemporal resource data, Applied Energy 309, 118414, b J Langer, J Quist, K Blok (2022) Upscaling scenarios for ocean thermal energy conversion with technological learning in Indonesia and their global relevance, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 158, 112086, b

Lead Editor SPECIAL VOLUME on Progess in CE and SCP in JCLP based on ERSCP2019 ssue/10X9LHD65V6

Jaco Quist, PhD Delft University of Technology Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management Postbus 5015, NL-2600 GA Delft (postal address) Room A3.220, Jaffalaan 5, NL-2628 BX Delft (visiting address) E-mail: Tel. ++31 152785584; Fax. ++31 152783177

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