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Deadline Extended: Call for Abstracts Delivering Urban Transformation Through Co-production

Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for abstracts on the topic of Delivering Urban Transformation Through Co-production has been extended until July 26, 2021. Details in quoted section below and attached as a PDF.

We welcome any additional submissions received on or before July 26, 2021. Please feel free to share with others and accept our apologies for any cross-posting

Best Wishes,

Robin (On behalf of the Organizing Team)


 (To contribute to the planned symposium:)

Delivering urban transformation through co-production

Symposium date: January 24 & 25, 2022

Time frame: 15:00 – 19:00 (CEST)

Hosted on Zoom/ Registration complimentary

Brought to you by the Department of European Planning Cultures: Dahae Lee, Robin Chang, Dr. Patricia Feiertag and Lena Unger

Confirmed Keynote Speaker:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Million, Technical University of Berlin

Cities keep changing and facing various challenges that are increasingly complex, intractable, persistent and not amenable to simple solutions. What is more, when governments prove to be incapable of being the only possible supplier of public goods and services, collaborative forms of public service delivery gain significance. This phenomenon is recognizable as co-production; it refers to the collaboration between service professionals and users in the design and delivery of public goods and services. This represents a new mode available to diverse actors to engage with public agencies. The underlying idea is that networks of public, private, and non-public organisations and partnerships with citizens can increase context-specific and effective solutions while maintaining the public values. Although co-production has often been associated with the delivery of public goods and services, at its core it remains a concept that refers to all phases of delivery processes: co-planning (co-design), co-testing, co-financing and co-evaluation. Thereby, it aims to create win-win situations that are beneficial for all as cities adapt, transition or transform into more sustainable and desirable futures.

For this symposium we welcome submissions which would expand our understanding of co-production in relation to urban transformation. We are particularly interested in the following overarching questions:


How does co-production efficiently (de)generate urban transformation?


What interests does co-production steer and how?


What are the spatial implications of co-production?


What are the potential risks and problems of co-production?


Co-production as a mode, but through which medium? (e.g.


Which types of co-production stimulate urban change?


How can we unpack processes of co-production?


What are the conditions and barriers for co-production?

Submission deadline: July 26, 2021

Submit your abstract (400-600 words, up to 5 keywords, Microsoft Word or PDF) and a short bio (100 words maximum) to . Notifications of acceptance will occur during September. We will ask authors of selected abstracts to contribute to a special issue in the journal Urban Planning. For any further questions, please contact Dahae Lee at Technical University of Dortmund ( ).


*Robin A. Chang, BPl, MSc, (Pronouns: She/Her) Research Associate/Wissenschaftliche Angestellte, Department of European Planning Cultures, Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University

  • Campus Sued, GB 1, Rm 421 August-Schmidt-Strasse 6 44227 Dortmund Tel +49 (0)231-755 6057 Mob +49 (0)176-8678 7571 Fax +49 (0)231-755 4787 Skype ID: robinachang Twitter: @robinachang ORCID ID: 000-0002-6201-5393

Chang, Robin A. (2021): How Do Scholars Communicate the ‘Temporary Turn’ in Urban Studies? A Socio-Semiotic Framework. In /Urban Planning/ 6(1) <>

Gerrits, Lasse; Chang, Robin (2021): The generation and selection of diversity in collaborative processes: an evolutionary view. In /Handbook of Collaborative Public Management./ Edited by Jack W. Meek. Massachusetts, USA: Edwards Elgar Publishing, Inc.

Holden, Meg; Chang, Robin (2020): The Ups and Downs of a Sustainable and Climate Resilient Development Path in Canadian Cities. In /Canadian cities in transition. Understanding contemporary urbanism. Sixth edition./ Edited by Tara Vinodrai, Ryan Walker, Markus Moos. Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press.

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