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Deadline Extended: Call for Abstracts Delivering Urban Transformation Through Co-production

                Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for abstracts on the topic of *_Delivering Urban 
Transformation Through Co-production_ *has been extended *until July 26, 
2021*. Details in quoted section below and attached as a PDF.

We welcome any additional submissions received on or before _*July 26, 
2021*_. Please feel free to share with others and accept our apologies 
for any cross-posting

Best Wishes,

Robin (On behalf of the Organizing Team)

>  (To contribute to the planned symposium:)
> _Delivering urban transformation through co-production_
> Symposium date: January 24 & 25, 2022
> Time frame: 15:00 – 19:00 (CEST)
> Hosted on Zoom/ Registration complimentary
> Brought to you by the Department of European Planning Cultures: Dahae 
> Lee, Robin Chang, Dr. Patricia Feiertag and Lena Unger
> Confirmed Keynote Speaker:
> Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Million, Technical University of Berlin
> Cities keep changing and facing various challenges that are 
> increasingly complex, intractable, persistent and not amenable to 
> simple solutions. What is more, when governments prove to be incapable 
> of being the only possible supplier of public goods and services, 
> collaborative forms of public service delivery gain significance. This 
> phenomenon is recognizable as co-production; it refers to the 
> collaboration between service professionals and users in the design 
> and delivery of public goods and services. This represents a new mode 
> available to diverse actors to engage with public agencies. The 
> underlying idea is that networks of public, private, and non-public 
> organisations and partnerships with citizens can increase 
> context-specific and effective solutions while maintaining the public 
> values. Although co-production has often been associated with the 
> delivery of public goods and services, at its core it remains a 
> concept that refers to all phases of delivery processes: co-planning 
> (co-design), co-testing, co-financing and co-evaluation. Thereby, it 
> aims to create win-win situations that are beneficial for all as 
> cities adapt, transition or transform into more sustainable and 
> desirable futures.
> For this symposium we welcome submissions which would expand our 
> understanding of co-production in relation to urban transformation. We 
> are particularly interested in the following overarching questions:
>  *
>     How does co-production efficiently (de)generate urban transformation?
>  *
>     What interests does co-production steer and how?
>  *
>     What are the spatial implications of co-production?
>  *
>     What are the potential risks and problems of co-production?
>  *
>     Co-production as a mode, but through which medium? (e.g.
>     digitalization)
>  *
>     Which types of co-production stimulate urban change?
>  *
>     How can we unpack processes of co-production?
>  *
>     What are the conditions and barriers for co-production?
> _*Submission deadline: July 26, 2021*_
> Submit your abstract (400-600 words, up to 5 keywords, Microsoft Word 
> or PDF) and a short bio (100 words maximum) to 
> . Notifications of acceptance 
> will occur during September. We will ask authors of selected abstracts 
> to contribute to a special issue in the journal Urban Planning. For 
> any further questions, please contact Dahae Lee at Technical 
> University of Dortmund ( 
> ).


*Robin A. Chang, BPl, MSc, (Pronouns: She/Her) Research 
Associate/Wissenschaftliche Angestellte, Department of European Planning 
Cultures, Faculty of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University 
* Campus 
Sued, GB 1, Rm 421 August-Schmidt-Strasse 6 44227 Dortmund Tel +49 
(0)231-755 6057 Mob +49 (0)176-8678 7571 Fax +49 (0)231-755 4787 Skype 
ID: robinachang Twitter: @robinachang ORCID ID: 000-0002-6201-5393 

Chang, Robin A. (2021): How Do Scholars Communicate the ‘Temporary Turn’ 
in Urban Studies? A Socio-Semiotic Framework. In /Urban Planning/ 6(1) <>

Gerrits, Lasse; Chang, Robin (2021): The generation and selection of 
diversity in collaborative processes: an evolutionary view. In /Handbook 
of Collaborative Public Management./ Edited by Jack W. Meek. 
Massachusetts, USA: Edwards Elgar Publishing, Inc. 

Holden, Meg; Chang, Robin (2020): The Ups and Downs of a Sustainable and 
Climate Resilient Development Path in Canadian Cities. In /Canadian 
cities in transition. Understanding contemporary urbanism. Sixth 
edition./ Edited by Tara Vinodrai, Ryan Walker, Markus Moos. Don Mills, 
Ontario: Oxford University Press. 


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