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Message posted on 22/02/2021

CfA/CfP – 2nd SD Conf. | ‘Boundary’ practices. Reinventing education across and beyond the forme scolaire (June 3-4-5, 2021)


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Reinventing education across and beyond the forme scolaire

Second International Conference of the journal “Scuola Democratica”

June 3-4-5, 2021 - virtual conference


Giorgio Giovanelli (“Sapienza” University of Rome,

Leonardo Piromalli (“Sapienza” University of Rome,

Throughout the world today, educational (micro-)practices are emerging and growing that are parallel or alternative to institutional education. The most established boundaries of the traditional forme scolaireare thereby reinvented and become increasingly blurred and fuzzy. These are the boundaries between living spaces and learning spaces; ‘everyday life’ time and learning time; learning artefacts and play artefacts; educational professionals and other educators; completely unplanned curriculum and discipline-structured curriculum; etc. This territory is very vibrant today, albeit it receives scarce attention from scientific research.

This panel aims at bringing together these 'boundary' experiences. We invite all interested actors (practitioners, experts, teachers, academics, etc.) to share their practices and research in order to co-construct knowledge in a participatory environment.

SEE THE FULL CALL FOR ABSTRACTS/PAPERS: Details for submissions: Deadline to submit your abstract/paper: April 4, 2021 (see the dates and deadlines of the conference)

Leonardo Piromalli 'Sapienza' University of Rome

Department of Social Sciences and Economics via Salaria 113, Rome, 00198



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