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Message posted on 13/01/2020

CfP Panel "Studying data/natures: between arts, academia and administration" (EASST4S2020)

Dear community,

interested in natures and environments and their intersection with data?

Please consider our Panel #170

Studying data/natures: between arts, academia and administration

Ingmar Lippert, IT University of Copenhagen; Tahani Nadim, Museum für
Naturkunde Berlin; Filippo Bertoni, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Recently, nature’s increasing datafication and the politics of the
resulting data/natures’ emergent sociotechnical orderings have received
much attention in STS (Bowker, Edwards, Lippert, Nadim, Sullivan,
Turnhout, Waterton). But, how do we engage with data/natures? And how
does the answer to this question inform our understanding of these
politics of nature? While all agree that the formation of data/natures
clearly relies on specific kinds of digital infrastructures, different
approaches have variously engaged with those involved (from natural,
environmental, or data scientists, to policy makers, from technocrats,
to artists, and capitalist actors) – often in implicit ways.

This panel invites papers that reflexively and critically take these
different approaches as their explicit focus. What can we learn from
different ways of engaging various publics, audiences, or communities
that produce, handle, and populate data/natures? In attempting to
respond to this question, our panel considers what kinds of politics STS
analytics afford, and – in turn – suggests alternative ways to not only
study, but also actively transform, repurpose, prototype, and sabotage

Associate Professor Dr. Ingmar Lippert
Technologies in Practice Research Group, IT University of Copenhagen

STS Group, Humanities of Nature, Museum and Society, Leibniz Institute
for Evolution and Biodiversity Science/Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Chair of Technoscience Studies
Brandenburg University of Technology

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