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Message posted on 13/01/2020

CfP Panel "Studying data/natures: between arts, academia and administration" (EASST4S2020)

                Dear community,
<br>interested in natures and environments and their intersection with data?
<br>Please consider our Panel #170
<br>*Studying data/natures: between arts, academia and administration*
<br>Ingmar Lippert, IT University of Copenhagen; Tahani Nadim, Museum für
<br>Naturkunde Berlin; Filippo Bertoni, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
<br>Recently, nature’s increasing datafication and the politics of the
<br>resulting data/natures’ emergent sociotechnical orderings have received
<br>much attention in STS (Bowker, Edwards, Lippert, Nadim, Sullivan,
<br>Turnhout, Waterton). But, how do we engage with data/natures? And how
<br>does the answer to this question inform our understanding of these
<br>politics of nature? While all agree that the formation of data/natures
<br>clearly relies on specific kinds of digital infrastructures, different
<br>approaches have variously engaged with those involved (from natural,
<br>environmental, or data scientists, to policy makers, from technocrats,
<br>to artists, and capitalist actors) – often in implicit ways.
<br>This panel invites papers that reflexively and critically take these
<br>different approaches as their explicit focus. What can we learn from
<br>different ways of engaging various publics, audiences, or communities
<br>that produce, handle, and populate data/natures? In attempting to
<br>respond to this question, our panel considers what kinds of politics STS
<br>analytics afford, and – in turn – suggests alternative ways to not only
<br>study, but also actively transform, repurpose, prototype, and sabotage
<br>Associate Professor Dr. Ingmar Lippert
<br>Technologies in Practice Research Group, IT University of Copenhagen
<br>STS Group, Humanities of Nature, Museum and Society, Leibniz Institute
<br>for Evolution and Biodiversity Science/Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
<br>Chair of Technoscience Studies
<br>Brandenburg University of Technology
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