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Fwd: Job opportunity Research Scientist in social studies of markets

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Gianluca Miscione
University College Dublin

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Dear CITO colleagues

Please allow me to share a job opportunity with you. We are currently
recruiting a research scientist (with 2+ years of postdoctoral or similar
experience) for a three-year contract as part of my ERC project "MISFIRES &
Market Innovation" here at UCD Dublin. I would be extremely grateful if you
could point this opportunity out to any postdocs or other colleagues who
may be interested. Deadline for applications is Sept 20th. I will be at 4S
next week if any of them would like to talk to me about this position.
More information can be found here:

Thank you and kind regards

Susi Geiger
Full Professor of Marketing & Market Studies
ERC Consolidator Grant 2018-2023: MISFIRES and Market Innovation
College of Business, UCD Dublin

Current publications:

Geiger, Susi and Nicole Gross (2019): A tidal wave of inevitable data?
Assetization in the consumer genomics testing industry. Business &
(ahead of print) ""

Mountford, Nicola and Susi Geiger (2019): “Duos and Duels in Field
Evolution: How Governments and Interorganizational Networks Relate.”
(ahead of print)

Wei, Ruiqi, Susi Geiger and Roisin Vize (2019): A Platform Approach in
Solution Business: How Platform Openness can be Used to Control Solution
Networks. Industrial Marketing Management (ahead of print).

Geiger, Susi and Nicole Gross (2018): “Market Failures and Market Framings:
Can a Market be Transformed from the Inside?” Organization Studies Vol 39
(10) 1357–1376.

McGovern M, Quinlan M, Doyle G, Moore G, Geiger S. (2018): The
implementation of a National Electronic Referral Programme: a qualitative
study of Going to Full Scale. JMIR Medical Informatics.

Finch, John, Susi Geiger and Emma Reid (2017): “Technologically captured?
How material agency supports interaction between regulators and industrial
actors.” Research Policy, 46, 160-170.

Geiger, Susi and Nicole Gross (2017): "Does hype create irreversibilities?
Affective circulation and market investments in digital health" Marketing
Vol. 17 (4) 435-454.

Gross, Nicole and Geiger, Susi (2017): “Liminality and the Entrepreneurial
Firm: Practice Renewal during Periods of Radical Change”. International
Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research
23(2), 185-209.
Finch, John, Susi Geiger and Rachel Harkness (2017): “Marketing and
Compromising for Sustainability: Competing Orders of Worth in the North
Atlantic.” Marketing Theory 17(1), 71-93.

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