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Narrative Science Public Seminar Series - 2019 dates and speakers

Apologies for cross posting.

We are pleased to share the dates, speakers, and presentation titles for the
second part of our ongoing Narrative Science public seminar series. For the
abstracts, and details as to the time and location, please check our website:

15th January 2019:

Sharon Crasnow (Norco College)- 'Counterfactual Narrative in Political
Phyllis Kirstin Illari (UCL)- TBA

29th January 2019:

Ivan Flis (University of Utrecht)- 'Narrating an unfinished science:
Scientific psychology in late-twentieth century textbooks'
Adrian Currie (University of Exeter)- 'History is Peculiar'

12th February 2019:

Alfred Nordmann (Technical University Darmstadt)- 'A Feeling for the
Eleonora Loiodice (Universit degli Studi di Bari)- 'Science as a
creation: Giorgio de Santillanas approach to history of science'

26th February 2019:

Annamaria Contini (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)- 'Metaphor as
narrative reconfiguration: an example in the French physiology of the late
nineteenth century'
Aedelene Buckland (King's College London)- 'Plot Problems: Geological
Narratives, Anti-Narratives, and Counter-Narratives in the Early Nineteenth

12th March 2019:

Sarah Dillon (University of Cambridge)- 'Reasoning by Analogy: ELIZA,
Pygmalion and the Societal Harm of Gendering Virtual Personal Assistants'
Vito De Lucia (The Arctic University of Norway)- 'Reading law outside of
the legal text: legal narratives'

26th March 2019:

Marco Tamborini (Technical University Darmstadt)- 'Narrating the Deep
Staffan Mller-Wille (University of Exeter)- 'From Travel Diary to
Species Catalogue: How Linnaeus Came to See Lapland'

Thank you, and remember that if you would like more regular updates from the
Narrative Science project you can join our mailing list, available on the
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