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Message posted on 06/09/2023

ESA RN24 SSTNET Virtual Workshop 2023 Programme and Registration

                ESARN24 SSTNET Virtual Workshop 2023 Programme
12th and 14th September

Session 1 Trust in Health Data: representations, reflections and
Convenors: Paraskevas Vezyridis (Nottingham University Business School) and
Aaro Tupasela (University of
September 12th, 9.00 BST
9.00-9.10 Opening and welcome
9.10-9.40 Paula Muhr: Intelligent Healthcare: Epistemic
Contingencies of Future AI-Based Predictive Diagnostics of
Alzheimers Disease
9.40-10.10 Carolina F. Mourao and Ana Delicado: Smart devices
and digital tracing of health data
10.10-10.40 Aaro Tupasela, Pekka Marttinen and Petri Ylikoski:
Predictive modelling and machine learning for healthcare resource
10.40-11.00 Discussion and closing

Session 2 PhD Research in STS
Convenors: Melissa Sessa (Sapienza University of Rome) and Ana Delicado
(Instituto de Cincias Sociais
da Universidade de Lisboa)
September 12th 14.00 BST
14.00 Opening and welcome
14.10 Zhiwei Wang, Being Chinese Online  Discursive
(Re)production of Internet-Mediated Chinese National Identity
14.40 Gemma Milne, Selling and Preaching the Future: How
Corporate Futurists Make their Mark(et)
15.10 Felippa Amanta, Social, Energy, and Carbon Impacts of
Domestication of On-Demand Digital Services
15.40 Michele Veneziano, Governmental agencies orchestrating
digital transformation: digital governance practices in the
platformization of the public sector
16.10 Discussion and closing

Session 3 Building trustworthy AI for public sector

Panel organizers: Marta Choroszewicz (University of Eastern Finland) and Heta
Tarkkala (University of Helsinki)

 September 14 13.00-14.30 CEST

*13.00-13.05 Welcome by the panel organizers

*13.05-13.45 Watching together recorded presentations

Karolina La Fors and Fran Meissner, University of Twente, NL: Contesting
border artificial intelligence: Applying the guidance-ethics approach as a
responsible design lens

Karolina Drobotowicz, Aalto University, FI: The link between transparency and
trustworthiness  empirical perspective

Antti Rannisto, Aalto University, FI: Social transparency in algorithmic

Emma Quilty, Monash University, AUS: Trust, automation and innovation:
rethinking the anticipatory modes of technological determinism

Marta Choroszewicz, University of Eastern Finland, FI: Public servants
invisible work and making of trustworthiness of algorithmic systems

*13.45-14.00 University Researcher Aaro Tupasela s comments on the
presentations, University of Helsinki

*14.00-14.15 Responses from the presenters to the discussants comments

*14.15-14.30 Q&A

*14.30 Closing words by the panel organizers

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