Message posted on 21/11/2022

SIEF 2023: MAYS EASA panel on medical precarity

                Deal All,

Consider applying to our panel titled *Medical Precarity in Uncertain
Times: Understanding Contemporary Healthcare Design, Malfunction, and
Collapse [MAYS EASA].*

Short abstract: When, why, and in what social and material conditions do
medical or healthcare collapse occur? This panel invites papers that
critically reflect on conditions of healthcare or medical crisis,
uncertainty, and collapse.

Long abstract: While the pandemic has exposed the many serious shortcomings
and inadequacies of contemporary healthcare systems, the ensuing economic
decline has put a serious strain on their functioning and accessibility,
sometimes pushing them to the verge of collapse. The last three years have
brought attention to the precarity and fragility of contemporary healthcare
and medical systems, though calls for their post-pandemic reimagining or
reform have arguably been sparse.

Within the broader rubric of uncertainty, drawing on the entire spectrum of
systematic malfunctions, this panel invites papers that speak about cases
of medical precarity, including instances of systemic malfunction, policy
mismanagement, and political abuse that lead malfunctioning systems to
collapse. When, why, and in what social and material conditions does
medical or healthcare collapse occur? By what metrics or standards do
people define and measure medical or healthcare collapse? Alternatively,
how do healthcare and medicine co-exist, or even thrive, under conditions
of systematic malfunction? In what ways might Western biomedicine
contribute to medical precarity, including some patients and some diseases
at the expense of others?

*We welcome papers taking on topics such as, for example:*
- pandemic and post-pandemic healthcare malfunctions,

- cost-driven healthcare inaccessibility,

- war-time healthcare,

- inequality by design: medical exclusion of certain groups or health

- various stages of systemic healthcare malfunction,

- healthcare or medical collapse in all its forms.

Best wishes,
Magdalena Góralska and Anthony Rizk

Magdalena H. Góralska

Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology
, University of Warsaw, PhD Researcher
MAYS EASA , Co-coordinator

Check out my recent paper: *Anthropology from Home. Advice on Digital
Ethnography for the Pandemic Times*, in: Anthropology in Action 27(1)

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