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First CFP: Special issue on "Pedagogical Approaches, Ludic and Co-Design Strategies & Tools supporting Smart Learning Ecosystems and Smart Education" - IxD&A Journal

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<br>Special Issue on
<br>*Pedagogical Approaches, Ludic and Co-Design Strategies & Tools 
<br>supporting Smart Learning Ecosystems and Smart Education
<br>to be published at the
<br>/*Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal (IxD&A)*/
<br>(ISSN 1826-9745, eISSN 2283-2998)
<br>**** Since 2012 also in Scopus ****
<br>**** *Since 2015 also* in *Emerging Sources Citation Index* and *Web of 
<br>Science* ***
<br>IxD&A implements the Gold Open Access (OA) road to its contents
<br>with no charge to the authors (submission & paper processing)
<br>Help us in improving the quality of the editorial process and of the 
<br>journal, please donate:
<br>*Guest Editors:*
<br>/• Óscar Mealha, University of Aveiro, Portugal
<br>• Matthias Rehm, Aalborg University, Denmark
<br>• Traian Rebedea, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania/
<br>*Important dates:*
<br>• Deadline: *December 21*, 2020
<br>• Notification to the authors: January 20, 2021
<br>• Camera ready paper: February 10, 2021
<br>• Publication of the special issue: end February, 2021
<br>The guest editors and the ASLERD Association are proud to invite and 
<br>welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners that foster the 
<br>development of smart learning ecosystems and smart education to help 
<br>learning places to recover their central role in the education of future 
<br>citizens, and in the promotion of social innovation and territorial 
<br>development. We welcome contributions from people that fight to reify 
<br>the above vision and to achieve a better learning for a better world as 
<br>a contribution to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable 
<br>Development Goals(SDGs). This is a particularly pertinent moment of 
<br>uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic that still prevails with an 
<br>enormous, still unmeasurable impact, on learning ecosystems. Papers that 
<br>report on work that nurtures a post-pandemic view and strategy for a 
<br>better learning world are specially welcome.
<br>This special issue is supported by the Association for Smart Learning 
<br>Ecosystems and Regional Development (ASLERD) and welcome the submission 
<br>of substantially extended version of the papers presented at SLERD 2020.
<br>(video recording of SLERD2020 presentations and of the open debate are 
<br>available though the ASLERD Youtube channel: 
<br>*Topics of Interest*
<br>Topics of interests can be grouped under three big themes: places for 
<br>smart education, people in place centered design for smart education, 
<br>supportive learning technologies and tools for smart education.
<br>*Places for smart education*
<br>• future of institutional learning
<br>• interplay between formal and informal learning
<br>• new educational models and settings
<br>• continuity-discontinuity of time, technology, place/space, process in 
<br>• role of and case studies of games and gamification in smart education
<br>• dual education and other alternate scheme approaches
<br>• monitoring and benchmarking of smartness (individual, institution, 
<br>city, region)
<br>• People in place centered design for smart education
<br>*People in place centered design for smart education*
<br>• general frameworks and methodological advancement
<br>• design, data and other relevant literacies
<br>• literacies, skill and competences of smart citizens
<br>• communities and co-design in smart learning
<br>• sharing & participatory practices
<br>• open access to any resource and disparity
<br>• cultural influences
<br>• Supportive technologies and tools for smart education
<br>*Supportive technologies and tools for smart education*
<br>• intelligent tutoring systems and interfaces
<br>• semantic web technologies and applications
<br>• text/opinion mining and sentiment analysis
<br>• real/virtual communities and social network analysis
<br>• interoperability and application of open/smart data and services
<br>• safety & security in education
<br>• IoT, ubiquitous and wearable technologies
<br>• adaptability to educational contexts and citizens
<br>• role of VR in education
<br>/*Submission guidelines and procedure*/
<br>All submissions (abstracts and later final manuscripts) must be original 
<br>and may not be under review by another publication.
<br>The manuscripts should be submitted either in .doc or in .rtf format.
<br>All papers will be blindly peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers.
<br>Authors are invited to submit 8-20 pages paper (including authors' 
<br>information, abstract, all tables, figures, references, etc.).
<br>The paper should be written according to the IxD&A authors' guidelines
<br>*Authors' guidelines*
<br>Link to the paper submission page:
<br>(Please upload all submissions using the Submission page. 
<br>When submitting the paper, please, choose the section:
<br>"SI: Pedagogical Approaches, Ludic and Co-Design Strategies & Tools 
<br>supporting Smart Learning Ecosystems and Smart Education")
<br>More information on the submission procedure and on the characteristics
<br>of the paper format can be found on the website of the IxD&A Journal
<br>where information on the copyright policy and responsibility of authors,
<br>publication ethics and malpractice are published.
<br>For scientific advice and queries, please contact the IxD&A scientific 
<br>editor marking the subject as:
<br>/Pedagogical Approaches, Ludic and Co-Design Strategies & Tools 
<br>supporting Smart Learning Ecosystems and Smart Education/
<br>• oem [at] ua [dot] pt
<br>• matthias [at] create [dot] aau [dot] dk
<br>• traian [dot] rebedea [at] cs [dot] pub [dot] ro
<br>* Forthcoming issues:*
<br>• Springer 2021
<br>'Collaborative multimedia applications in technology'
<br>Guest editors: César A. Collazos, Sandra Cano, Freddy Paz, Habib Fardoun
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