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Message posted on 13/01/2020

[AREA 2020] - CFP First Workshop on Agents and Robots for reliable Engineered Autonomy

<br>Call for Papers - First Workshop on Agents and Robots for reliable 
<br>Engineered Autonomy (AREA)
<br>Co-located with ECAI 2020
<br>Conference: 10th-12nd of June, 2020
<br>Workshops: 8th or 9th of June, 2020
<br>Santiago de Compostela, Spain
<br>Autonomous agents is a well-established area that has been researched 
<br>for decades, both from a design and implementation viewpoint. 
<br>Nonetheless, the application of agents in real world scenarios is 
<br>largely adopted when logical distribution is needed, while still limited 
<br>when physical distribution is necessary. The autonomous behaviour 
<br>responsible for decision-making should (ideally) be verifiable since 
<br>these systems are expensive to produce and are often deployed in 
<br>safety-critical situations.
<br>This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the autonomous 
<br>agents, software engineering and the robotics communities, as combining 
<br>knowledge coming from these research areas may lead to innovative 
<br>approaches that solve complex problems related with the verification and 
<br>validation of autonomous robotic systems. Consequently, we encourage 
<br>submissions that combine agents, robots, and verification, but we also 
<br>welcome papers focused on one of these areas, as long as their 
<br>applicability to the other areas is clear.
<br>This workshop is a 1-day event with presentations of accepted papers and 
<br>one to two invited speakers (to be confirmed).
<br>The main topics include but are not limited to:
<br>- Agent-based modular architectures applicable to robots
<br>- Agent oriented software engineering to model high-level control in 
<br>robotic development
<br>- Agent programming languages and tools for developing robotic or 
<br>intelligent autonomous systems
<br>- Coordination, interaction, and negotiation protocols for agents and 
<br>- Distributed problem solving and automated planning in autonomous systems
<br>- Fault tolerance, health-management, and long-term autonomy
<br>- Real world applications of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems 
<br>in robotics
<br>- Real-time multi-agent systems
<br>- Reliable software engineering of autonomy
<br>- Runtime verification of autonomous agents and robotic systems
<br>- Task and resource allocation in multi-robot systems
<br>- Verification and validation of autonomous systems
<br>- Testing and simulation tools and techniques for autonomous or robotic 
<br>- Self healing entities and systems
<br>We invite you to submit:
<br>- Full research papers that must describe authors' original research 
<br>work and results.
<br>- Case study papers that should identify lessons learned, validate 
<br>theoretical results (such as scalability of methods) or new tools and 
<br>applications, benchmarks, or provide specific motivation for further 
<br>research and development.
<br>- Research ideas: AREA encourages the submissions of new research ideas 
<br>in order to stimulate discussions at the workshop.
<br>Full and case study papers are limited to 15* single-column pages; 
<br>research ideas papers are limited to 7* single-column pages. All 
<br>submissions must be in English and in PDF format.
<br>*excluding references and appendices
<br>The page limit is strict, and it will not be possible to purchase 
<br>additional pages at any point in the process (including after the paper 
<br>is accepted).
<br>All papers should be original and not be submitted elsewhere. The review 
<br>process is single blind: submissions should not be blind, reviewers will 
<br>Submissions are accepted in PDF format only.
<br>We are negotiating with a publisher for publishing the proceedings of 
<br>the workshop. We are also in the process of applying for a special issue 
<br>for the post-proceedings where revised selected papers will be published.
<br>Formatting guidelines should follow LNCS (to be confirmed when the 
<br>publisher will be selected): 
<br>Submission link:
<br>Submission Deadline: 1st March 2020
<br>Paper Notification: 8th April 2020
<br>Camera Ready: 8st May 2020
<br>Workshop: 8th or 9th June 2020
<br>Kind regards
<br>Rafael C. Cardoso, Angelo Ferrando, Tobias Ahlbrecht, Claudio Menghi, 
<br>Daniela Briola
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