EASST Council

EASST Awards 2024

by EASST Council

Amsterdamska Award 2024

EASST received 6 nominations for the 2024 Amsterdamska Award. After careful consideration, the Award is granted to:

John Nott (The University of Edinburgh) and Anna Harris (Maastricht University)

for the edited collection Making Sense of Medicine: Material Culture and the Reproduction of Medical Knowledge, published by Intellect Books in 2022.

Committee’s comments 

The outstanding edited collection is an original exploration into the materiality of medical knowledge reproduction. The book’s creative structure, with interconnected nodes that bear links to multiple topics and concepts surfacing in different materials and chapters, sets it apart from more traditional edited collections. The book goes beyond what is expected from good-quality edited volumes in that it brings together various perspectives and uses various illustrations, all in a productive manner. It promises to be useful for a large public in STS and beyond.

Freeman Award 2024

EASST received 5 nominations for the 2024 Freeman Award. After careful consideration, the Award is granted to:

Andreas Birkbak (Roskilde University) and Irina Papazu (IT University of Copenhagen)

for the edited book Democratic Situations, published by Mattering Press in 2022.

Committee’s comments

This year – 2024 – has been marked out a singularly significant year for democracies across the world as so many important elections will take place, which are likely to shape the course of the rest of the decade. Democratic Situations makes a timely contribution by its exploration of the relationship between STS thought and democracy. The book looks anew at how ideas from political theory have come into STS circles and how STS topics are now so central to political debates.

Ziman Prize 2024

EASST received 11 candidates for the Ziman Prize. After careful consideration, the Award is granted to:

the core team of the CreaTures (Creative Practice for Transformational Futures) project,

from Aalto University, Tuuli Mattelmäki (Principal Investigator/coordinator), Andrea Botero, Markéta Dolejšová (lead on our laboratory), Julia Lohmann, Kirsi Hakio, Gaurika Singhal, Savannah Vize, Namkyu Chun, Jarkko Mutanen (project manager);

from University of Sussex, Ann Light (lead on research gathering and analysis), Lara Houston, Kit Braybrooke;

from RMIT University, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi (lead on engagement), Cristina Ampatzidou, Ralph Horne;

from Utrecht University, Joost Vervoort (lead on evaluation), Lucas Rutting;

from Superflux (creative partner), Anab Jain, Jon Arden, Nicola Ferrao;

from Kersnikova (creative partner), Jana Putrle Srdić, Simon Gmajner, Sandra Sajovic, Jurij Krpan, Klemen Kristan;

from Hellon (creative partner), Kirsikka Vaajakallio;

from Zemos98 (creative partner), Felipe Gonzáles Gil, Rosalía Gutiérrez;

from Furtherfield (creative partner), Ruth Catlow, Charlotte Frost;

from OKFI (NGO partner), Tarmo Tokkanen, Teemu Ropponen, Susanna Ånäs;

from Sniffer (NGO partner), Ruth Wolstenholme, Iryna Zamuruieva.

Committee’s comments

CreaTures is a large-scale project with multiple public engagements spanning the EU but also reaching into the Global South (Colombia). Focused on transformational futures, a wide variety of research activities and initiatives are developed and undertaken with the aim of facilitating links across groups who would otherwise remain disconnected; enabling new and creative ways of thinking about prospective futures; and developing timely strategies towards emergent social and environmental crises.