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by EASST Council

With 2024 being a conference year, the work of the Council has taken on a new level of intensity as we build towards the joint EASST/4S meeting, Making and Doing Transformations in Amsterdam in July. This is shaping up to be one of the largest STS conferences of all time. We can’t wait to see you all again.

This year also marks a pivotal moment for EASST Council as we will be holding elections for seven Council membership positions. This includes two positions reserved for early career colleagues: one for someone no more than seven years post-PhD, and one for a current PhD student.

We will also be electing a new President for the Association this year, as Maja Horst has decided not to seek a second term. Maja has done a fantastic job of being President since 2022 but other commitments at her home institution mean that she is unable to continue in this role. We are confident that we speak for everyone in the wider EASST community, when we say thank you so much Maja for all that you have done.

At the general meeting to be held during the conference on Wednesday 17 July, 1330-1500, we will be initiating a nomination process for colleagues who are interested in joining the Council. Elections will take place online in the autumn with newly elected members taking up their positions at the start of 2025. We strongly encourage suitable candidates from all parts of Europe to consider joining, and members of Council would be more than happy to talk to you about what is involved.

The general meeting will also provide an important opportunity for all EASST members to learn about the decisions made by Council, to hear updates from editors at EASST Review and Science & Technology Studies journal, a financial report from the treasurer, and to express your views about future initiatives.

Council wants to use the occasion of this conference to talk about the future of conferences more widely, building on conversations that have already taken place. To this end, we have secured a time in the programme on Wednesday 17 July at 17.15 (see the programme for venue details). We hope that you can join us at that time and contribute to building a sustainable future for our academic conferences.

Last, but not least, we will also be recognizing and celebrating the achievements of scholars in our field at the conference, in a joint awards ceremony with 4S on Thursday 18 July at 15.00. You can learn more about the winners of the EASST Awards on the following pages.

See you in Amsterdam!

EASST Council: Sarah Rose Bieszczad, Andrea Núñez Casal, Michela Cozza (Secretary), Maja Horst (President), Nina Klimburg-Witjes, Sarah de Rijcke (Treasurer), Antti Edward Silvast, Brice Laurent, Richard Tutton, and Assunta Viteritti.