Subject: New Book | Universities in the National Innovation Systems: Experiences from the Asia-Pacific | edited by V. V. Krishna

*Universities in the National Innovation Systems: Experiences from the
Edited by V. V. Krishna, Routledge India, 2017, Hardback, 428 pages, ISBN:

*Summary*: This volume looks at the role of universities in the National
Innovation Systems in economies of the Asia Pacific. It examines the
tremendous growth of human and knowledge capital made possible by teaching
and research excellence in major universities, along with how universities
are being re-positioned as frontiers of innovation in the National Systems
of Innovation. The chapters assess the impact of globalisation and
innovation together with the emergence of ‘new’ knowledge sites extended
the Asia Pacific region.
With contributions by experts and academics and key case studies, this book
will be useful to scholars and researchers in higher education, development
studies, public policy, economics, business and resource management, Asian
studies as well as policymakers.

*Table of Contents*

*Foreword by Professor Jennie Lang*
1.Introduction: Three Missions of Universities and their Role in National
Innovation Systems – Experiences from Asia-Pacific | V V Krishna
*Japan, Australia and New Zealand *
2. Changing University-Industry Links in the Japanese National Innovation
System: Towards Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development |
Fumi Kitagawa
3. Globalisation and the future of Australian universities | Sam
Garrett-Jones and Tim Turpin
4. Changing role of research and Innovation in New Zealand Universities |
Shantha Liyanage and Antonio Díaz Andrade
*China and India: Emerging Economies *
5. Research and Innovation in Chinese Universities | Weiping Wu
6. Indian Universities in the National Innovation System | V.V.Krishna and
Swapan Kumar Patra
*South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore: Newly Industrializing Economies *
7. University-industry R&D Collaboration in Korea’s National Innovation
System | Lee, Kong-Rae
8. University-Industry-Government Linkages: the case of Taiwan Ching-Yan Wu
and Mei-Chih Hu
9. Research and Innovation in Asian Universities: Case study of the
National University of Singapore | Seeram Ramakrishna and V V Krishna
*South East Asian Countries: Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia,
and Vietnam *
10. University-Industry Linkages and Innovation Activities in Malaysia |
Rajah Rasiah and Hema Subramonian
11. Universities in Thailand’s National Innovation System: Their
Contributions on Industrial and Technological Upgrading | Richard F. Doner,
PatarapongIntarakumnerd and Bryan K. Ritchie
12. Role of universities in the national innovation system of the
Philippines | Raymund B. Habaradas
13. Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia: Access, Innovation and
Research | R. Alpha Amirrachman
14. The Roles of Universities in Vietnam’s National Innovation System |
Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Nguyen Phuong Mai, Doan Quang Hung and Dao Ngoc Tien
15. Asia Pacific Universities in National Innovation Systems: Concluding
Synthesis | V.V.Krishna

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