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*International Journal on Interaction Design & Architecture(s) - IxD&A

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*N. 32 *- /special //issue /on
"*The Future of Human-Building Interaction: An HCI Perspective*"
(guest editors: /Hamed S. Alavi, Elizabeth Churchill, Denis Lalanne/)

with a /focus section/ on
*"Transforming books and the reading experience through interactive
(guest editors: /Mohammad Obaid, Ilgim Veryeri Alaca, Pawel W. Wozniak,
Lars Lischke, Mark Billinghurst/)

and the /II part/ of
*"Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development"*

is now available for free downloading -> link

/IxD&A implements the Gold Open Access road to its contents with no
charge to the authors
If you wish to help us in improving the quality of the journal, please

*IxD&A Journal, issue N. 32 - ToC*
*Special issue on: *The Future of Human-Building Interaction: An HCI

by Hamed S. Alavi, Elizabeth Churchill, Denis Lalanne
pp. 3 - 6*

*/• /Carine Lallemand, Vincent Koenig/
The vocabulary of Learner-Space Interactions Understanding learning
spaces experience through the repertory grid method, pp. 9 - 27/*

*• Sara Nabil, David S. Kirk, Thomas Ploetz, Peter Wright
/Designing Future Ubiquitous Homes with OUI Interiors: Possibilities and
Challenges, pp. 28 - 37/*

*/• /Mahdis Aliasgari, Brendon Clark/
Baby Steps or Stage Dive into a Critical Design Dialogue, pp. 38 - 47

• /Selena Savic/
Designing for Connectivity: Rethinking the Interaction with the Built
Environment and Wireless Communication Infrastructure, pp. 48 - 67/*

*Focus Section on: *'Transforming books and the reading experience
through interactive technologies'

*//Preface //
//by Mohammad Obaid, Ilgim Veryeri Alaca, Pawel W. Wozniak, Lars
Lischke, Mark Billinghurst//
//pp. 71 - 73/

• /Adam Girard, Benjamin R. Cowan, Kalpana Shankar, David Coyle/
Using Emotional Attachment as a Lens to Improve User’s E-reading
Experience, pp. 74 - 83

• /Pedro Ribeiro, Cristina Sylla, Ido Iurgel, Wolfgang Müller, Christian
STREEN – Designing Smart Environments for Story Reading with Children,
pp. 84 - 103

• /Monica Bordegoni, Marina Carulli, Yuan Shi, Daniele Ruscio/
Investigating the effects of odours integration in reading and learning
experiences, pp. 104 - 125

• /Diane H. Sonnenwald, Jason McElligott/
Investigating Human-Rare Historic Book Interaction among Young Adults,
pp. 126 - 149

Smart Learning Ecosystems and Regional Development - II part

*/• /Vincenzo Del Fatto, Gabriella Dodero, Armin Bernhard, Angelo
Ferrando, Davide Ancona, Viviana Mascardi, Robert Laurini, Giuseppe
Hackmytown: an Educational Experience on Smart Cities, pp. 153 - 164,
abstract, download

• /Ana Melro, Lídia Oliveira/
Implementation of Social Entrepreneurship Projects The path to
Communities of Practice, pp. 165 - 172,
abstract, download

• M/uguras Mocofan, Andrei Ternauciuc/
TrainCoDe - A study case of the management changes as a result of the
lifelong learning, pp. 173 - 188,
abstract, download

• /Mounira Ilahi-Amri , Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi, Rafik Braham /
A Framework for Competence based e-Assessment, pp. 189 - 204,
abstract, download

• /Manuella Kadar , Paul Nicolae Borza, Mihai Romanca, Dan Iordachescu,
Teodora Iordachescu/
Smart Testing Environment for the Evaluation of Students’ Attention, pp.
205 - 217
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