Subject: 2 PhD vacancies

Currently, two PhD positions are open with John Grin and Anne Loeber at the
University of Amsterdam.

The first position (#17-170), on the politics of sustainability strategies in
agriculture, seeks to further develop a reflexive interactive design (RID), a
systematic method for designing fundamental, systemic innovations. It will do
so through its application in a EU (Horizon 2020) funded project which seeks
to develop strategies for sustainable crop production, with technical,
economic and environmental benefits for farmers, value chains and society. The
PhD project will focus on in-depth analysis of a small number of these
projects. It will draw lessons for future application of the RID method in
this and other settings.

The second project (#17-171), on politics & practice of fostering responsive
research & innovation involves the design and implementation of a comparative
narrative evaluation of a series of Social Labs that seek to align research
and innovation with societal values, needs and expectations. The project is
embedded in a EU (Horizon 2020) funded program to stimulate the use and
acceptance of Responsible Research and Innovation. The comparative assessment
and evaluation will be based on reflective conversations with a wide range of
actors involved in the Social Labs across Europe, and is, in addition to a PhD
thesis, to result in a Guidebook to convey the resulting narratives in order
to inform and inspire emergent RRI practices.

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